Sometimes it Happens...

Lola always had it good in life. As a senior in high school, she has good grades good friends and loving parents. One day her parents announce they are moving from the u.s to London England because of her dad getting a new job. She has to leave her old life and begin a new. When she starts Liverpool university, she meets her roommates, 2 girls named Madison and Chloe who help her get settled into the school. They begin to get close and go out and lola begins a new life. In England, the famous boy band one direction is in town, there is a contest going on, bring 1d to our school, and the winners get to host them in their dorm. What happens when Chloe enters the contest as a joke, but then a week later there is a knock at their door? Lola's life is changing but how will some certain boys impact it? Who is falling for who? will things turn south with some misunderstanding? Trust me, read, its better than the blurb ;)


9. Alone... Again

Lola POV

The weeks go on and a routine is being formed on where and who I walk with to my classes. Chloe and I walk with Liam to our Business class,  I walk with Chloe, Madison and Zayn to Drawing and Painting, I walk with Harry to Art theory, and Chloe and I walk to CAD and then all 8 of us walk to music theory together. Not bad and we enjoy knowing if we are on schedule or not. It helps our lives.

The first quarter goes on and then the second begins and time flies and it is the end of November and the semester exams come up. The boys and us girls would have study "parties" / sessions and it helped as we would help each other. Exams came and they weren't that bad, the only one that brain raped me was Business but it still wasnt that bad. On our last day of finals, it was the beginning of winter break. I had computer art and design and when that was done, Chloe and I went up to our dorm. 

In the lobby of the dorm, Jaquilne was there wishing students a lovely break. 

"Hello ladies! Any plans for the break?" She asks us. 

"Going home to Holmes Chapel to visit the family." Chloe says. Then Jaquline looks at me.

"I called my parents to see if they were picking me up but I havent heard anything from them, so we will see." I say.

"Well, everyone has to be out of the dorms but next week because of the no supervision. So just make sure you all have a lovely holiday!" she says as she walks away. Chloe and I go up to our rooms. 

"Wow, a whole month and an half off from school, this will be nice." Chloe says finishing her packing. 

"Yeah I'm excited. I cant wait for christmas to get presents and such. And I get to be in the new house that I was in for all of less than 24 hours." I say. 

Madison comes into our room flushed.

"I have to go in 5 minutes. My parents are almost here! I have presents for you guys too." she says pulling out 2 little gift bags and hands them to us. Me and Chloe open them and there is a pretty gold charm bracelet with our names on them.

"Wow Madison its gorgeous." I say in awe. 

"Aw thanks I hope you like them. Well I have to go! Bye girls have a nice break!" She says as she grabs her stuff and bolts out of the room. Chloe and I put on our bracelets and I try giving my parents a call. But no answer. Then there is a knock on the door. I open it and I see it is Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Harry, Lou, Niall and Zayn all have bags.

"Hey ladies! We see that you are on your way out so we decided to say bye!" Louis says. 

"Aw thanks! You just missed Madison. She was on a time crunch though. I am leaving in about 20 minutes so some last minute packing you know." Chloe says. 

"Aw man, I had a present for her" Niall says under his breath. 

"Well we are all off, Liam and Harry are leaving a little later tonight." Zayn says.

"Well have fun at home and a nice break!" I say. 

"Thanks you too. How come you aren't packing yet?" Lou asks.

"Well, my parents arent answering my calls so I have no idea when they are coming to get me." I say. 

"Well that sucks, well time to go. Bye Lola! Bye Chloe, see you next year." Niall says giving us hugs along with Zayn following suit. Then Lou comes through giving us kisses on the cheek and hugs. He has gotten closer to Chloe after the awkward moment he and I had. The three boys leave and Harry and Liam go back to their rooms. About half an hour later, Chloe's parents are here and she leaves, just leaving me alone in the dorm. Liam says a quick goodbye and then leaves too. I dont think Harry has left yet but then again I am pretty sure he would have said bye once he was leaving. 

I eat a light dinner and relax in my room and call my parents again. I call my mother and she answers on the second ring. 

"Hello Lola how are you lovely. We miss you how are you?" She asks. 

"Uh, fine? Where are you guys? You do know that it is now winter break for me right? Aren't I coming home?" I ask. There is silence on the other end. 

"Mom?" I ask.

"Ah... yeah, um... about that. Your father had a last minute business trip back to the states and the flight just landed here. So, we are back in the U.S. and there is some crappy winter weather here so we are not sure about delays, but we will be over here for 3 weeks. maybe more depending on the weather." She says cheerily. 

What the hell? Why did they do this? Did they not know about how much I miss home? My friends? Everything?!?!

"Mom why didnt you call me and wait for me? I could have made the flight. We could have gone as a family! Do you know how much I miss my friends and home?!" I ask feeling pissed and sick to my stomach.

"We didnt want to distract and bother you. You probably wouldnt have made it either.We will say hi to your friends for you!" she says peppy. That is it!

"No mom that is not the same! You know that I fucking miss home and it is bull shit that you thought I wouldnt want to go. I fucking wanted to go home or at least be with you guys! Back home or here in the new house. How come you didnt think of me!?" I say loudly. 

"Watch your language young lady. And dont worry, we will be back to celebrate the new year at the new house." She says

"Wait, so we are missing christmas too?"  I ask. I feel the tears begin to form. 

"We will celebrate it when we get back." She says. there is voices on the other end.

"Sorry honey,we have to go. we love you! Call you later!" She says hanging up. 

Right then and there I wanted to chuck my phone against the wall and burst into unending sobs. I don't trow the phone against the wall but into my bed and I begin to sob. How can this be happening? My parents have basically left me in a foreign country to live on my own. Where am I going to stay!?!?!?!? I'll be kicked out in a matter of days and I have no where to go, I have no key to the new house, no one to be with on christmas...I am alone, Harry is probably gone too, its 11:00 and the building is quiet.

"WHAT THE HELL!!" I yell into my pillow as I sob into the pillow.

There is a soft knock at my door. I quickly collect myself and wipe my eyes and then go to the door and open it. In front of me is Harry.

"Ohmygod you are here!" I sigh/sob and fly into his arms, surprising him as he wraps his arms around me.

"Woah are you ok?" he asks. 

Then begin to cry again "No.." I sob. 

"Here, lets go in. Come on love." He says pushing me inside my room. He goes over to my couch and pats the spot next to him. 

"What's wrong love?" He asks as I sit next to him. I spill everything out, all of the words come tumbling out of my mouth and I finish it off by saying, I feel alone. 

"Well I'm here." He says.

"Well that is before I knew that. I thought you left without saying goodbye." I say.

"What!? I would have most definately said goodbye! You are like my best girl- friend." He says smiling, making me smile a little.

"Was that a smile I just saw?" he asks jokingly, which makes me smile more.

"Was that a smile? Those are illegal! Ill Have to tickle you as punishment" He says beginning to tickle my sides. I burst out in laughter and try to fight back but I am weak with laughter. Once Harry feels accomplished, he sighs and laughs with me as I clutch my sides. Then there is silence between us. I look up at him and he smiles down at me. 

"Want to watch a movie? We could see what is on netflix." He says grabbing my remote.

"Sure" I say. He goes into netflix and browses for movies.

"So romance, comedy, action, horror?" He asks.

"I dont feel like peeing my pants in suspense, or having nightmares tonight, and I need something funny. So lets go with comedy." I say.

"sounds good. If you see one you want, shout" he says. He scrolls down and I see Pitch Perfect. 

"AH! THAT ONE!" I shout as he jumps. I laugh a little and apologize.

"Which one? Pitch Perfect?" He asks.

"Yes! I love that movie. Please?" I ask.

"Absolutely. I havent seen it yet so hopefully it will be good." He says clicking on it.

"Have you been living under a rock? This movie is amazing. Aca- Believe it" I say and he looks confused.

"You'll understand when you watch the movie." I say. I grab sodas for us and some sour gummy worms (perfect movie snacks) and the movie begins. I quote basically the whole movie and Harry and I burst out laughing at the funny parts. I love his laugh. It is raspy and a true laugh that makes you want to laugh along. He looked like he really enjoys the movie.

Once the movie is done, we sit and talk. I see that it is almost 2 in the morning and I yawn. 

"Oh is someone a little tired? "He asks. I smile and nod. One of the benifits of not having any dorm staff is that Harry didnt have to leave my room at midnight. 

"Crying your eyes out and thinking where will you go when you are kicked out of the dorms for the break can make you really tired." I say. He nods

"Where are you going to stay then since your parents are out of town?" He asks.

I shrug. "I have no idea. I have no key to the house and so I guess I will have to get a hotel room for the break." I say sighing. Too much work, but I guess my parents deserve an extra charge for their child. 

"Well that sucks, I wish I could help. Or stay with you. Ill think of you though. Ill miss you." he says. I smile up at him.

"Thanks. Me too." I say. He kisses the top of my head as he wraps his arms around me from behind. I feel secure and safe in his strong, warm arms. I let out another yawn again. 

"Dang girl. Sorry I didnt know I was keeping you up." He says jokingly letting go of me. 

"Sorry. I think my bed is calling me." I say.

"yeah me too. I think I'll get going" He says. NO! I think. I just dont want to be alone. I like having him here.

"What did you say?" He asks. Shit did I say that out loud?

"Uh... Its just... I dont want you to go. Do you want to sleep over here?" I ask, butterflies in my stomach forming.

"Sure!" He says.

"Ok cool I just dont want to be alone and I like having you here." I say.

"Yeah that sounds good. Ill quickly go grab my stuff." He says opening my door and I nod.

"See you in a little bit." He says winking at me. Once he closes the door, a big smile on my face grows and butterflies grow in my stomach more. I get into my pj's and wait for him to come back. 


Harry POV

I go over to my room and get my things as soon as I can. I cant wait to sleep over with Lola. My heart broke for her as she told me everything about her parent and I just want to be with her so she knows that she isn't alone. Then an idea pops into my head. I pull out my phone and dial the number I know by heart.the line picks up on the second ring.

" hello Harry! How are you? I can't wait to see you tomorrow!" mom says.

"hi mom! I can't wait either. I have a question for you. Can I bring a friend home from the school for the contest thing? Her parents are in the u.s. and she has no where to go." I say

" of course. I would love to. I can't wait to meet her tomorrow and see you. Now go to bed love." she says.

" ok love you mom. See you later." and we hang up. I go over to her room and she has glasses on and she has her hair up in a sloppy bun. She looks so cute. She smiles at me and she crawls into her bed.

quot; can I join you?" I ask.

" ok sure" she says and I see a bit of pink crawl up on her face. I crawl into her bed next to her and she is so warm. She turns off the lights and we lay there in silence. Once her breathing starts to steady, I can tell she is asleep. I wrap my arms around her and fall asleep to her scent and our breathing is in sync.


Lola's POV

He thinks I am asleep and I feel his arms wrap around me, making me feel secure and safe and warm. I never thought that this boy would have that effect on me. This has been a really good ending to this crappy day.

A/N hi guys! It's a snow day so I had some extra time to write. I hope you guys like this. I like writing and thinking what to write for this. Fav or like. I am opent to seeing what comments my lovely readers have :)
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