My love

Cathy Is a normal 16 year-old, So is Harry Styles, they are best friends. They both audition for the X-Factor, Cathy didn't make it but Harry did, They get reunited at prom, She changes a lot, When they meet she has a short black dress on and lime green hair. She goes on tour with them and gets to know them. She gets too close to Harry and tears him away from the band, Cathy and Harry break up and He starts dating Taylor Swift. She gets to see him and Her, but she fought for the one she loved.


2. Meeting the others

-Cathy's POV- I woke up to Coraline "LET ME SEE HARRY!" she was yelling, I opened my eyes and walked to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and saw instead of my faded green eyes they were shining, I walked out after I was finished and put on Grey skinny jeans and a Lime green tank-top that matches my hair, I put my hair in a ponytail and left my bangs hanging, I walked downstairs and put on a pair of black, Medium heel boots, Grabbed my bag and walked out -At school- I put all my stuff in my locker and walked over to film class, I never had a partner and now I have 5, Harry and his band members didn't want to work alone "Cathy meet my friends, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn" He said pointing to each one. -After school- I got kind of popular, just because I was hanging out with Harry got me some respect, Harry decided we should hang out at his place "Hi Anne!" I said "Cathy! wow your different!" Anne replied, Harry and I ran up to his room "So" I said "how was it on tour?" "Oh fine, although girls kept throwing bra's at me" He said,I laughed, Harry dropped me off, I walked in "I'm Home" I said and kicked off my boots I sat down and then came the worst step-mother ever "Carey can I go!" I yelled "No you little sh*t Sit down and work!" she yelled back at me "DAD!" I yelled "What Cath?" My dad asked "I'm moving out" I said. After will be a long day, and I mean LONG day, So I went to sleep. -the next morning- I woke up Nice and early, to get ready. I walked into the bathroom and put my hair in a bun, I put on some shorts and a tank-top, I woke my dad up and ran downstairs, I called Harry "Hello" He answered in a sleepy voice "Harry you coming?" I asked "Yeah I'll be there in a minute" He replied, I hung up and looked at all of the boxes of my stuff, I had slept on the floor with some blankets and pillows, I put my only pair of shoes out, My flip-flops -At the new place- We got everything in the right spot. Everybody left but Harry and I "Finally my own place" I said sitting down and looking around "Yeah, so you later Love?" Harry asked "Yeah sure" I said getting up, I watched TV and a couple of movies, I went into my new room and lied down "Miss you mom" I whispered to myself, My mom passed away a few day's ago. 

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