My love

Cathy Is a normal 16 year-old, So is Harry Styles, they are best friends. They both audition for the X-Factor, Cathy didn't make it but Harry did, They get reunited at prom, She changes a lot, When they meet she has a short black dress on and lime green hair. She goes on tour with them and gets to know them. She gets too close to Harry and tears him away from the band, Cathy and Harry break up and He starts dating Taylor Swift. She gets to see him and Her, but she fought for the one she loved.


3. First Kiss

-Harry's POV- I woke up the next morning and went downstairs "Gemma!" I said smiling, I haven't seen Gemma in a long time "Hey Harry!" She says giving me a hug, I got dressed and ran over to Cathy's House, she lived a block away so I didn't have to walk that far, I knocked on her door "It's open!" I hear her yell, I walked in "Hey" I said sitting down on the couch next to her "Hey" She says "so what happened after I left?" I ask "Well, I started going through depression and I started getting bullied, I changed my hair because I wanted too and I lived with my dad because my mum was on a business trip and I was only 16-" I cut her off "who is Matt living with he's only 15!" I say "He lives with his best friend Cooper" She says "Wanna go somewhere today?" She asks getting all happy "Sure, but where?" I ask "The old park we used to go to" She says sanding up "okay" I reply.

-Cathy's POV- I got up and went into my room and got dressed, I put on some white skinny jeans and a black long-sleeve shirt, I brushed my hair and walked back into my room I got a box out with my black converse 'I wish I could tell him I like him' I thought, I walked back downstairs "let's go!" I say grabbing my keys and phone, when we got there we ran up to monkey bars, It has been half an hour sine we got there and we were having TONS of fun "I wanted to dye my hair turquoises but I decided not to" I say standing next to him "Hmm maybe I should dye my hair" he said "no, no no no don't" I said, He laughed, I went and sat down on the bench, He walked over and sat down, It got a little bit awkward, The reason why is because we kinda kissed, I'm not saying I didn't like it! but I'm not saying that I loved it...He's so cute and famous and I'm just that kid sitting in the corner of the room, He can have any one he wants and he chooses me "S-Sorry" He stuttered "It's Fine, No worries" I said looking at him, He was my first kiss, I kissed Harry Styles! "I really like you Cathy" He said quietly "y-you do?" I asked "yea I do" He said looking down "I like you too" I said, Then his phone rang "uhm sorry I gotta take this" He said and walked away, I heard him talking with Louis, When he hung up he came back "so do you want to go somewhere for dinner tomorrow at 8:00?" He asked "Yeah sure! I gotta go now bye Harry" I said and kissed him on the cheek, Okay I kissed Harry and now I'm going on a date with him WOW! I got home and went onto Facebook, Nothing,then my phone rang "Hello" I answered "can we make that tonight?" I heard Harry ask "Sure see you in an hour" I replied than hung up, I ran to the bathroom and took a quick shower, I left my hair down and put on a black dress not to short and not to long, I put on my black converse cause' i don't own any high heels, I grabbed my leather jacket and walked out, I ran to Harry's and knocked "Hi.." Gemma said "I'm Cathy" I said "Oh! come on in!" Gemma said moving aside, I walked in and sat down, a minute after he came down and we left.

-Harry's POV- We sat down and started talking "so who was the chick who said she was you?" I asked "That was Angela, Head cheerleader, Hates me" She said "Well now that I'm around she won't" I laughed, Somebody was running our way "Harry meet my only other friend Dakota" She said, Dakota had hair just like Cathy, but her hair color was light blue "Hi Dakota" I said shaking her hand "do you guys wanna hang out after?" She asked "Sure" Cathy said -after Dinner- We went to Cathy's house to watch a movie "So I was wondering, how did you two meet each other?" Dakota asked "uhm, well our parents knew each other and I guess we just kinda met at school" Cathy said "oh!" Dakota said

-Cathy's POV- I got home and changed into my PJ's, I fell back onto my couch, My doorbell rang, I opened the door to find Harry standing outside with a basket, "can we keep him here please?" He asked, The basket had a baby kitten "I guess so" I said "Thank you Cathy" He said "Well I'll see you tomorrow I guess" He said and kissed me on the cheek "bye"  I said shutting my door, I put the kitten on the couch and went to bed, An hour later the kitten came to my bed and slept there.

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