My love

Cathy Is a normal 16 year-old, So is Harry Styles, they are best friends. They both audition for the X-Factor, Cathy didn't make it but Harry did, They get reunited at prom, She changes a lot, When they meet she has a short black dress on and lime green hair. She goes on tour with them and gets to know them. She gets too close to Harry and tears him away from the band, Cathy and Harry break up and He starts dating Taylor Swift. She gets to see him and Her, but she fought for the one she loved.


1. Goodbyes

-Cathy's POV- the bell rung and I scurried out "Harry!" I yelled waving at his direction, He didn't notice, I slammed my locker door shut and went up to him "Hey" I smiled  "Hey!" He said "so can we hang out?" He asked "No harry remember, we have to try out for the x-factor" I replied "oh yeah" -after the x-factor audition- "did you make it?" He asked me "no" I said looking down "Oh" he said, I looked at him and smiled. We hugged and I left, When I got home I sat down on the couch "where's Harry?" my mum asked "on the x-factor" I said getting up "Loser! you didn't make it!" my brother shouted "Matt shut your mouth!" I yelled.


-Cathy's POV- I brushed through my lime green hair and walked out, I'm eighteen now, "all yours" I said walking to the side, I live with my dad and my step-mom now, they have another little brat Coraline she's thirteen just like Matt used to be, I'm friends with Matt now "thank you" She said in her little bratty voice, I walked to my dresser and got out my black ripped skinnies and a black t-shirt, I ran downstairs and skipped breakfast, I put on my black high tops and went to school -At school- "Class, we have a student that will be coming back, Harry Styles" My teacher said, My eye's light up and I smiled "Haven't seen you smile in a long time green" The bully of the class yelled out when the teacher left, My face went back to straight "Harry is my best friend, I haven't seen him in forever" I said, The door opened and I saw 5 boys walk in, Harry sat down next to me "Hi Harry" I said smiling "hi..." He said looking around "Have you seen a girl named Cathy?" "That's me" I said "Cathy! you changed" He said, The head cheerleader walked up to him "Hey Harry, She's not Cathy I am" She said happily "Angelia go away" I mumbled "only the real Cathy knows are handshake" He said, Harry and I walked back to my dad's house "Harry Styles haven't seen you in a long time did-" I cut my dad off "Dad don't get co-" He cut me off "CORALINE" he yelled "oh no" I said "Oh My Gosh, your Harry Styles!" She screamed, I grabbed Harry's hand and walked back to my room, she followed me and hugged him MANY times "Coraline please leave!" I yelled "no I'm hanging out with my best friend!" she said "Hey sis! Brat, Harry!" Matt said as he walked into my room "Hey Matt can you take her out please" I asked quietly "hey Coraline Louis is downstairs!" Matt yelled, Louis is her favorite so she ran downstairs and i locked my door "I have to go" Harry said as he left. I fell asleep an hour after.

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