Arms Wide


1. Arms Wide


Have you ever felt condescending whims?

Felt unimportant like no one cares you exist?

Belittled for being different as your heart brims

With the essence of agony’s mist?

Constantly wishing to fit in but feeling chances are grim


Father I refuse to suck up what scum of the Earth say

My heart is not some rubber ducky meant for play

Wallflowers sifting in shadows, you’re not alone today

Let’s shine brighter as one when we suffer from dismay


Heartless beings picking on those unable to fend for themselves

Those who want a simple laugh when their bored as hell

Snotty or whatever the case is, nevertheless my mind delves

Into your being and there is no excuse for your action’s bells


Little miss sunshine who’s always called vile

Ugly, atrocious or whatever they’ve concocted in a while

Know that you’re beautiful inside out, it’s ok to smile

You’ve ran enough of their gruesome miles


You’re not alone

Let’s slay sirens of their judgmental tone

Rising from ashes like phoenixes into skies yet to be honed


Put down the knife and stop trying to enact suicide

You can prevail if you put despair aside

Who you are and settle to become is for you to decide

If you come my way, know that I’ll accept you, arms wide

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