A Summer To Remember(:

5 girls: Savannah, Daijah, Erin, Kayla, and Abby.
5 boys: Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn.
Romance: yes
Heartbreak: maybe
Read to find out all(:


7. Unexpected appearance:/

Savannah's POV
*ding dong* That must be Niall! I went to open the door and to my surprise, it was NOT Niall! The man standing in front of me had yellow teeth, brown-ish hair, and looked like a hobo. "Why hello, madam!" He said in an extremely creepy voice. " who are you??!!" I've never seen this guy in my life! " your new kidnapper!" That was the last thing I heard before I was stuffed in a trunk.
Nialls POV
I walked up to Savannahs door, but when I came to it, it was open. I wonder why? I don't see any of the girls outside? Something must be wrong with Savannah!...maybe I should call her? Yeah! I will. *rinnnnnggg rinnnnnngggg* the phone continued to ring. Then, some strange voice answered......
Kravvons POV
I can't believe I finally captured that little spoiled brat. I've known her for years! Well, since she was a baby! Yeah, I know I have lived in England and they wouldn't have known anyone cause they are all on a big vacation together. The truth is, though, I am Savannahs REAL father. See, she don't know this because I left when she was like 1 and they always told her that her stapdad, Tymothie, was her real dad. The only reason I would ever want to kidnap my own daughter is a) she is rich thanks to her new boyfriend. B) I never EVER liked her. And c) I hate her mother,Jilyann, aka my first wife. All the sudden I hear her phone ring. I took it so I had it to answer. "Hello?.." I said into the IPhone
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