A Summer To Remember(:

5 girls: Savannah, Daijah, Erin, Kayla, and Abby.
5 boys: Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn.
Romance: yes
Heartbreak: maybe
Read to find out all(:


6. Texting him(:

It's been two days since I last seen Niall. We've been texting nonstop! We are now dating and I LOVE him. And then my phone buzzes. From:Nialler;)<3 MSG:hey babe. What are you doing today? To:Nialler;)<3 MSG: nothing. Why? Is Nialler missing me?!;). From:Nialler;)<3 MSG: yes, I am. Im coming over!!! To:Nialler;)<3 MSG: okay see you Soon! I can't wait to see my Nialler!
*ding dong* I guess that means Niall is here. I can't wait to spend my day with Niall!<3. Authors note: hey. Hope y'all like it. I'm sorry if I don't update much
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