A Summer To Remember(:

5 girls: Savannah, Daijah, Erin, Kayla, and Abby.
5 boys: Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn.
Romance: yes
Heartbreak: maybe
Read to find out all(:


3. Telling the girls..!:)

Daijahs POV
Finally we're at our hotel! Good lord that was the LONGEST plane ride ever!! I wonder who savannah had to sit with..
"Hey savannah?" I'm really curious. She has been smiling like crazy ever since we got off of the plane!
"Who'd you sit with on the plane?"
Now she is smiling like a big fat dork again...
" Swear you won't flip!?"
"Swear..?" NOW I am confused....
"It was....NIALL HORAN!"
" yuh-huh. I'll call him right now"

Nialls POV
I hope Savannah calls me soon . I really wanna see her soon. I can't get her out of my head.*ring,ring* Oh it's my phone.
"Helllo?" It was an unknown number so I didn't know who it was.
"Hey. This is Savannah"
" oh hey. I couldn't stop thinking about you."
"Awh. So do you wanna hang out this weekend?"
"Yeah!! How's tomorrow night?"
I can't believe I am going on a date with her....(:

Savannah POV
" see I tooolllldddd yooouuu!!" I liked rubbing things In her face. Haha.
"Eeekkkk! I gotta go tell the other girls.." I knew she would do this."And then we gotta pick out clothes for your date with THE ONE THE ONLY..NIALL HORAN. Then y'all gotta hook my up with..THE ONE THE ONLY..DJ MALIK!"
She is so wierd."ohkkayyy. I'll try. Let me actually meet mr.malik and the rest of the lads first"
"Ugh...fine"she giggled as she said this. I hope I don't get hate mail for this date.....
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