A Summer To Remember(:

5 girls: Savannah, Daijah, Erin, Kayla, and Abby.
5 boys: Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn.
Romance: yes
Heartbreak: maybe
Read to find out all(:


9. Going to the police station

Niall's POV
"Hello?" Who is this answering the phone?! Ill find out ig! "Hey. This is Niall. Who is this...?" "This is Kravvon. And I know who this is! It's Savannah's boyfriend." "And how do you know that?" "Non of your business if you want her back though, you better come quick!" And with that he hung up. I sat there BAWLING MY EYES OUT! I have to get my love back!
Erin's POV
"Hey, does anyone know where savannah is?" I yelled throughout the house.
"Nooo! She might be out with Niall call him! " someone yelled back. Wasn't a bad idea! *rinnggg rinnnnggg* "hello" Niall said in a really depressed voice. "Hey! Why so glum?" Did savannah break up with him? Why I he so sad? "Savannah g-got k-kidn-napped" after he said that I think we were both in tears. "Meet me at the police station!" Was the last thing I said through the phone before hanging up and jumping into my car.
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