A Summer To Remember(:

5 girls: Savannah, Daijah, Erin, Kayla, and Abby.
5 boys: Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn.
Romance: yes
Heartbreak: maybe
Read to find out all(:


4. Getting ready

Daijah told the the rest of the girls. They all stayed calm... Then told me to hook them up. Haha. I guess I am gonna be the matchmaker this summer.

*the next day*
Daijahs POV
"Omg omg! It's almost time we gotta start curling your hair" I have always wanted to get someone ready for a date with a famous person and now I get to. All of us girls could easily audition for X Factor and make it through. We all sing really well.

I start getting Savannah ready. She seems really nervous.
"DONE!" I screamed in her ear.
* ding dong*
He's here!!
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