Bella's a normal girl, your average teen. She's pretty and has a decent life. Her parents get along, she's an only child, and has everything a girl could ever hope for. Except a boyfriend, which Bella doesn't want at the time. One night, after going to a party with her friends, Bella gets kidnapped. By none other than One Direction.


4. Chapter 4

Miranda's POV

"Where is Bella?" I asked Trevor. He shrugged and frowned. "Dunno. She's been gone for like a day now." I sighed. Just got over my hangover. Trevor helped me at his apartment all night and day while I was sick as a dog.
"Let's just watch TV..." I cuddled into my bf and turned the TV on. News, boring old news...
Then something caught my eye.
"Bella Peirce has gone missing. I repeat, missing. She is 17, had green eyes and brown hair. As seen in the picture. If found, please call 911 immediately." The news reporter said. I froze. Then I lifted my head to face the screen. There was a picture of Bella, my Bell Bell, with me at the mall. We were laughing and Trevor was rolling his eyes.
I started crying and Trevor put his arm around me. "Miranda, Bella's a tough girl. She'll be fine, I promise." But I could clearly tell Trevor was upset. He was blinking pretty fast and hard and his voice cracked.
"But trev, what if she's killed! Oh, why did I let her walk home from that party!" I screamed, grabbing at my hair. Trevor carefully pried my hands loose and said, "chill. You were drunk. I wasn't. It was my fault. I'm sorry." He looked sad, and I could tell Trevor felt really guilty.
"Trevor, stop. Okay. It's nobody's fault. Just pure bad luck. Lets do something to take our mind off this. Truth or dare?" Trev shook his head. "No fun w- with- without-" then the poor guy broke down rift then and there, bawling his eyes out. I started up too, and soon we were holding onto each other, blubbering like babies.

Bella's POV

I woke up in a comfortable position. I was snuggling with niall, my arms around his neck and my head rested on his chest. My butt was in his lap. I smiled a little before closing my eyes when I heard footsteps.
"Aww look! The little whore cuddling with Niall, so sweet," Zayn cooed in a babyish voice. I pretended I was still asleep. Then I felt a sharp stinging on my cheek. I gasped and my hands flew up to touch it. Zayn glared at me, and Niall stirred. He opened one eye, and said in his morning voice, "what happened, what did I miss?" Oh. My. Gosh. Sexy morning voice alert.
I remembered what happened last night and tears sprung to my eyes. Raped.
I also remember that part where I told Niall everything. Oops. He could use that, ad tell all the boys, and then id be in a real shitball...'
Niall smiled at me and then furrowed his eyebrows when he saw me on the floor. Holding my cheek. Zayn rolled his eyes and left the room.
"What happened love?" He asked, concern filling his perfect, hypnotizing blue eyes.
No trusting anyone Bella. Nobody here, they're all liars.
"Nothing," I squeaked. Niall frowned.
"Do I have to go through this again? You can trust me!"
"I can't trust anyone here," I started, standing up.
"But myself. Now, where is the shower?" I sucked in my cheeks as Niall sadly pointed to a room.
"I'll give you clothes," he promised. I went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I saw a short, skinny girl with pale skin, ugly freckles across her face and sucken green eyes. Her usual preppy brown curls were flat and lifeless, making her look like a douche.
I blinked away tears when I saw a red mark in the shape of a Hand imprinted on my cheek.
I wonder if Trevor and Miranda notice I'm gone...
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