Bella's a normal girl, your average teen. She's pretty and has a decent life. Her parents get along, she's an only child, and has everything a girl could ever hope for. Except a boyfriend, which Bella doesn't want at the time. One night, after going to a party with her friends, Bella gets kidnapped. By none other than One Direction.


3. Chapter 3

"Harry, please, stop..." I sobbed, him taking my clothes off. "I'm getting what I want," he growled. I closed my eyes, thinking that I was about to lose my virginity in about 2 minutes. And nobody really cared. Except for me.
-later that night 2 am-
I woke up, naked with Harry crashed besides me. I put my clothes on, feeling dirty and used. Raped. Lost my virginity. Kidnapped. And I thought tonight was going to be a good night...
I sat on a couch in the living room. Just staring at a wall. I did that for what seemed like hours until I heard the stairs groan from behind me.
I jumped and spun around, my hands out in front of me like a fist.
"G- get away," I croaked, "I'll seriously hurt you!" I was in no shape to do that. I wouldn't hurt a fly. But let's let people think that. Hell yes.
"You can't hurt me." I heard an Irish accent and I backed away. "Leave me alone!" I cried out, running into the wall. Niall came a little closer and had a worried expression. "What's wrong love?" Okay, someone's gotta be an idiot if they don't know what's wrong. "I was kidnapped and taken away from a perfect life that I loved and come here where I'm gonna get abused, and I've been raped and- oh, shit," I squeaked. Niall's eyes widened.
"WHAT? By who?!" He whisper screamed. I looked down, not wanting to answer it.
"Harry." I finally managed to blurt before I burst into tears. Niall, who I trusted for the most part, walked over and wrapped his arm around me. I cried into his shirt, my arms around his neck.
"Tell me about your life. Then." He instructed. It wouldn't take me mind off, but it would do.
"Well, my parents were pretty awesome. I wasn't the poorest kid on the block. We did well. I had my own GTO, a huge room, it was perfect! My friend is- WAS the best. Her name is Miranda Stewart. She is funny, cool, and just plain amazing. Miranda would always get slutty whenever we were invited to parties or went to clubs, which was often. We both love partying. Now Miranda won't stop bragging about Trevor, her new boyfriend. He's cool. One of my best friends now. But that's it. I'm pretty shocked that Miranda's still a virgin," I paused, chuckling. Niall smiled. He was really nice. And cute. Ad funny. And... Okay, Bella. Just go on.
"After parties when Mir would get drunk off her ass, we would go to my place. Where Miranda would stay the night until her hangover was gone. Because she would be murdered by her mum if she found out Miranda drank and all of that. Their family's very religious. Except for Miranda." I stopped. I had so much more to say but I was starting to get exausted. My eyes dropped, and I fell asleep before I could finish the scentence, "and my birthday is..."
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