Bella's a normal girl, your average teen. She's pretty and has a decent life. Her parents get along, she's an only child, and has everything a girl could ever hope for. Except a boyfriend, which Bella doesn't want at the time. One night, after going to a party with her friends, Bella gets kidnapped. By none other than One Direction.


2. Chapter 2

Before I opened my eyes, I heard loud noises.
"See if she's awake," someone with a British accent yelled. I pretended I was asleep. I was scared, and cold, and just wanted to go home...
"I know you're awake." A guy said. I opened my eyes. He was blonde with nice eyes. Blue, icy blue...
I looked up at him and bit my lip, looking down. The guy raised his hand. I flinched, but nothing hit me. "I'm not going to hurt you." He said, and I could hear an Irish accent in his voice.
"Should I trust you?" I asked shakily. He frowned and looked sad.
"Look, I didn't want to do this, but they made me-" he was cut off by the same guy.
"NIALL! Is she awake?" Niall ran out and said something. A brunette came in. He also had pretty blue eyes, but these were greenish.
"You're awake!" He yelled. This was not the guy who had asked if I was awake. "I'm Louis!" Man, was he loud... "I'm Niall!" The blonde one smiled, and another brunette walked in. He had long curly hair and green eyes. "Guys... I get her tonight remember?" Then MY GAWSH HOW MANY BOYS WITH BROWN HAIR ARE THERE? another brunette walked in. He looked around and noticed me sitting up. "I'm Liam. Harry, yeah, you get her tonight..." I froze. What does he mean, get me tonight?!
A black haired boy strolled in, his hair in a quiff. "She's finally awake..." He muttered and sat down on a couch. "What's your name?" Liam demanded.
"B-Bella..." I stuttered. "Cute name!" Niall beamed. Everyone except Louis glared at him.
"Well okay then. Here's the rules. You don't yell at us, talk back to us, hit us or else. Anything like that." I nodded quickly. Then Harry, if that's his name, checked his watch and grinned.
"Looks like its my turn starting now." Everyone except Louis and Niall left. Oh and Harry.
"Harry, don't, you know, okay? It's her first night," Louis asked him. Harry's eyes gleamed.
"I'll do whatever I damn well want to. Come on love, let's go to my room." Harry pulled me up and guided me through the house and into a room.
And I have a feeling what he has planned.
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