Bella's a normal girl, your average teen. She's pretty and has a decent life. Her parents get along, she's an only child, and has everything a girl could ever hope for. Except a boyfriend, which Bella doesn't want at the time. One night, after going to a party with her friends, Bella gets kidnapped. By none other than One Direction.


1. Chapter 1

"Mom I'm leaving! Love you and Ill be back later!" I called out, leaving the house with Miranda my friend. She wouldn't stop yakking on and on about how hot Trevor was, her new boyfriend. I rolled my eyes and got in the car, holding my phone. I was wearing short shorts, a tankie and toms. My hair was up in a messy bun and I had a bit of masara, eyeliner and gloss on. Perfect for a party to me. Miranda was dressed kind of sluttily, which is what she usually does to clubs or parties. It's a surprise that girls still a virgin really.
I texted my cousin Lydia, who I was super close with. She's about 10, and I'm 17. Major age difference, I know, but we were still like sisters.
When Miranda parked at the party, I got out, and covered my ears. Damn that musics loud! Hope the police won't come to shut us down...
Haha, see what I did there? Ke$ha? Yes? No? Alright...
Anyway, ignoring my stupid sense of humor, which I chuckled at, Miranda and I went inside.
It was like people having sex everywhere. Not really, because that would be just sick, but it sure felt like it. Rooms were locked, you could hear moans, and kissing. I scrunched up my face and went into the kitchen for a drink.
I didn't drink wine or beer or alcohol, I just don't like it. It smells nasty and plus I'm underage. So when Miranda gets drunk off her ass I'll be the awesome BFF that I am and drive her to my house where she'll stay until her hangovers gone. Then she'll go home.
I grabbed a coke and opened it, pouring some into my mouth. Yummy, coke... Pepsi sucks.
I went out into the main room, where Miranda was grinding on Trevor. I rolled my eyes and stood in the corner, watching everyone's moves. I had a couple of guys come ask me to dance but I refused. Nope, sorry boys... I like my virginity and want to keep it until marriage.
I suddenly felt sick and needed fresh air. I went up to a drunk miranda, who was making out with Trevor. I tapped on her shoulder, saying, "Miranda, I'm gonna walk home. Trevor could you bring her to my place later?" Trevor, not a drinker either, nodded.
"I'll make sure she's okay! Bye Bella!" E called and I went outside, walking quickly. It was freezing out here. Why just shorts and a tankie, Bella, why?!
I rubbed my eyes, exausted."only got 4 hours sleep last night dummy, what else would you expect? Okay, when I get to my house, I'm going to bed, no matter HOW much food I want...
I heard a car engine and looked behind me, only to see a white van coming towards me. After me. I freaked and started running. I could run pretty fast, I'm on cross country. I bit my lip, looking back and realizing I was on the ground with a wild pain in my side. I gasped and clutched it, squeezing my eyes shut. Then I heard rustling and car doors. I opened my eyes and saw a couple of guys. My vision was blurry and I saw little dancing red dots. Someone held a rag up to my nose. I held my breath, but I sucked at that. I heard a boys voice say, "just breath sweetheart. It will all be over soon." I was fading, but I felt my self being picked up an thrown into the back of the van.
And, just before I blacked out, I swear I could've heard the guy who was carrying me's voice say, "I'm sorry."
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