Sweet Disposition 2

Lydia Hale now has aged 3 years and has a baby boy named Liam, which is Niall's. Living with her new boyfriend Anthony she looks through some old items in her closet finding a phone number of an old friend, Jon, and decides to give him a call. After taking out Baby Liam for a day out Jon accidentally takes him to Liam Payne's house where Niall Horan meets his 3 year old son.

This story will contain some sexual content for those younger roaming eyes out there.
(You have been warned!)


20. With Much Love And Affection

Lydia's P.O.V


I ran as fast as I could out of the room, to where I didn't know but I just kept running. I ran through the white hallways finding no end to the maze within the hospital, all stared blankly at me as I slipped by them. My heart raced quickly and my eyes blurred by the tears pouring out, I had just seen her kiss my Niall this couldn't be happening. I rested at a corner overlooking the outside, the windows were huge and I could feel the sun beam through warming my skin. So many mixed emotions came rushing through my body, I felt so angry that she touched my Niall that I wanted to run back and push her out the damn window. But I felt so broken down that I couldn't move my legs anymore, they could no longer support my trembling body and I collapsed on the cold tile floor. I sat on my bum and leaned my head back against the wall, the tears kept flowing out taking all my energy with every drop. That once sealed void in my heart felt like it was being pulled apart so quickly tearing my body in the process, my mind felt clouded.
I didn't know how long I sat there, just thinking of how much pain I had inside of me right now. I closed my eyes only to hear the steps from the hallway and the sounds of ringing phones, the walls shielded me from any view of people passing. My phone vibrated within my pocket only to be sent to voice mail, I wanted to speak to no one and I wanted no one to speak to me. I felt like if I was in a trench just covering myself with the surrounding dirt trying to hide myself from those who wanted to harm me but then I realized, I need to protect my little one as well. I couldn't be this selfish and abandon my child just because of my emotions, I needed to stay strong for my little Liam.
"Hello?" I said seeing it was Harry calling
"Lidz! THANK GOD!!! Where are you?!?!" He practically screamed
"I'm not sure, I'm trying to find my way back." I said as I propped myself up stretching my legs.
"Are you still in the hospital?" He asked
"Yeah same floor."
"I'm walking around, describe your surroundings!" He ordered
"Umm, there's a huge desk with 3 nurses, there's umm the room number near me is 432."
"LIDZ!!" I heard from down the hair and turned to see a relieved Harry rushing towards me.
"Hey." I said sheepishly, feeling a built ignorant for leaving.
"We were so worried!! Don't do that!" He said wrapping his arms around me and lifting me off the ground
"I'm sorry." I said not being able to hold back my tears and tightened my grip around Harry's chest.
"Lidz what's wrong??" He said trying to look at my face but I shook my head burring my face into his chest more.
"Come on love, don't cry!"Harry calmly said
"He slept with her and she kissed him in front of me!" I muttered into his shirt trying to speak clearly
"I know, they told me." He said stroking my head, "but she's gone now."


Harry's P.O.V


Lydia was so crushed because of what she saw, it was too much to handle in a day I know I'd probably flip out the same way. I practically had to drag her back to the room, she kept her face in my chest and I kept my arms around her trying to shield her from those wondering eyes around us. She was like my little sister and I would do anything to protect her from anyone wanting to harm her.
"Okay Lidz, we're here. You have to be brave again." I said pulling her off of me
"Harry I'm scared." She said and her eyes were just a sad red
"It's okay, I'm right here." I said and embraced her before nudging her inside.
"Lydia!" The guys said in unison
"Mummy!" Liam said from Niall's bed
"Hey guys, hey baby! Come with mommy." She said ignoring Niall who lay in the bed
"Lydia please can we talk." Niall said sitting up from the bed
"Well guys," she said brushing off Niall's words, "see you soon."
"Lydia wait! Please!!" Niall yelled as he slowly slipped his legs from the bed
"Niall you need to rest." She said coldly not turning back to see him
"Please don't go." He pleaded as he struggled to scoot off the bed
"Harry can you take us home." She said to me and I took a deep breathe and shook my head.
"Fine I'll walk." She said and I nodded to Zayn and Liam to follow our plan, they walked over to the door standing directly in front with Liam facing us and Zayn facing the opposite direction.
"You guys stop." She said and her jaw clenched
"Talk to him Lydia." I said to her and took Liam out of her arms and gave him to Liam who stood at the door.
"Harry don't do this." She hissed
"We're not moving until you do." Zayn said turning to us
"Fine!" She yelled and walked over to Niall on the side where his legs were, they stayed in silence for a moment until Niall broke out in tears.
"Lydia, please believe me that she means NOTHING to me! I love you and only you!" He mumbled
"Niall, I-" She began
"Please let me finish," he interrupted and she sighed but nodded, "she held me down and kissed me I was trying to push her off and that's when you guys walked in! And that other day she got me drunk and I'm a terrible drunk! Please Lydia, forgive me! Don't go!" He pleaded and buried his face in his hands, without a word she walked away from where she stood and I stood in front of the entrance thinking she was going to leave. Instead she walked slowly and calmly to her bag on the chair and pulled out a baby wipe, then walking back to Niall she looked at him and began rubbing it against his face.
"What are you doing?" I muttered as she scrubbed it over his lips then wiping his face with her sleeve and kneeling in front of him.
"Lydia I'm sorry." He said cupping her face and she sprung up pressing her lips onto his making me turn away immediately.
"You're mine, and only mine." I heard her whisper then the sounds of them kissing made it a bit awkward so I ushered everyone and myself out.


Lydia's P.O.V


In two days time they released Niall from the hospital and he was ordered 2 weeks of recovery before engaging in any vigorous activities. Jon had driven us back to Niall's place and Little Liam was at Harry's place with the rest of the guys so I could get Niall settled. Jon helped me get him up the stairs and into his bed before finally saying goodbye and leaving, he was exhausted.
It was midday when we got to the house and I placed Niall's medication on the lamp table next to him just in case. The sun shined through the middle on the curtains brightening the room which he laid in. He seemed so relaxed, I couldn't help but brush my fingers through his hair and letting my hands roam over the bruises on his body. His bright blue eyes gleamed staring not at but in me, I could just lose myself within his eyes and I held his gaze until I felt his hand brush against my hand.
"Lydia I missed you." He said as he took hold of my hand
"I missed you too babe, all of you." I said winking slightly but giggling after thinking how ridiculous my wink was.
"Lydia come here." He said and I could feel my heart drop as I moved closer to him.
"Yes?" I said as his arm wrapped around my waist pulling me to his side.
"Shhh..." He whispered as he placed his finger over my lips then running it to the corner of my lips and behind my neck pulling me closer to his face. His kiss enveloping my lips and his arms held me close to his body, I could feel the warmth of his body pass through my clothes and on my skin.
"No Niall." I said panting as I broke the kiss
"Why, not?" He said kissing my neck and my bottom lip was brought between my teeth.
"B-because you still h-haven't recovered." I muttered trying to hold back the low moans seeping through my mouth.
"This will help." Niall mumbled into my chest as he pulled me up on top of him.
"Niall no, you're hu-" I began but he silenced me with a kiss and parting my legs over his body and locking them in place. His hands moved quickly untying the floral dress I had on and ripping my new white-laced panties leaving the pieces on the side of the bed. I could feel his strong arms pull me down to his body and then slowly easing himself inside of me making me bury my face into his chest. I could hear low growls of pleasure rumbling in his throat as he moved himself inside of me along with his heavy panting moving his chest roughly. I wriggled out of his arms sitting on my own on top of him trying to make him feel as good as possible with every small movement of my body. His hands clasped the sides on my waist pressing me down harder each time, my hands ran over the contours of his abs then moving up to his head grabbing a hand full of his hair. He pushed harder making me dig my nails into his shoulders as I threw my head back feeling my body twitch in pleasure. He let out a loud moan and I joined in when my body was filled with a shock of electricity running from my head to my curling toes. I threw myself onto his side laying my head on his chest hearing his quick heartbeat slow down.
We lay for a while until the sound of the doorbell rang echoing throughout the entire house, I wrapped myself in a robe and ran downstairs.
"Package for Ms.Lydia Hale." I heard and opened the door to a Fedex man holding an envelope.
"I'm Lydia Hale." I said taking the envelope from him
"Please sign here." He said holding out a small PDA and I did thanking him and closed the door and running back upstairs to find a sleeping Niall. I smiled and kissed him covering his bottom half with the white duvet and sat on the corner of the bed. I quietly opened the envelope and out fell a letter titled "For You And No One Else":
Dear Lydia,
How have you been? I haven't seen you in years whatya been up to? Ruining another person's life again, it's just typical of you. You know you can never trust an insolent slut like you! But hey that's just my opinion, however I do know a few others who think the same way. You should give me a call soon so we can chat and maybe make a day to get together. Oh and Lydia if you show this to anyone, anyone at all I really don't mind getting my hands dirty on a pathetic bitch like you. I hope to see more of you soon! Bye. xx
With much Love and Affection,


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