Sweet Disposition 2

Lydia Hale now has aged 3 years and has a baby boy named Liam, which is Niall's. Living with her new boyfriend Anthony she looks through some old items in her closet finding a phone number of an old friend, Jon, and decides to give him a call. After taking out Baby Liam for a day out Jon accidentally takes him to Liam Payne's house where Niall Horan meets his 3 year old son.

This story will contain some sexual content for those younger roaming eyes out there.
(You have been warned!)


25. What's Wrong

~Three Weeks Later~

Lydia's P.O.V


Everyday I stared at the ring on my finger, closing my eyes to think it was only a dream but it was real. I felt excited and full of happiness but a part of me felt scared, I still hadn't told him I was pregnant and I'm hitting a month already.
"Lydia you still there?!"  Jon complained over the phone
"Oh yeah, sorry!" I said
"Well like I was saying! The theme is old forest?" He asked
"Yeah, I want to do it in the forest."
"What is this Breaking Dawn?!" He chuckled
"You suck! Niall said to pick themes!" I argued
"But seriously Lydia? A damn forest? Want unicorns in the background?" He teased
"Shut up! Okay Mr.Fashionable! What theme would you make it?!" I asked and I can hear him humming.
"If it was for me I would-"
"Is that Lydia?" I heard a familiar voice in the background say
"Yeah, why?" Jon asked
"Let me talk to her!" He screamed
"Ello Love! it's Alan!" He squealed
"Hey Alan, how are you?" I asked
"I'm good, now what this talk about ponies and twilight I hear?" He asked
"You hubby Jon is exaggerating!" I complained
"Listen love, what you do is a winter wonderland!" Alan said, "You put fake snow, polar bears, penguins and what not!"
"Alan this is my wedding, not Sea World." I muttered
"What about a secret garden?!" Jon yelled in the back
"That's just like my forest theme you dunce!" I yelled back
"No!" He said taking hold of the phone, "Garden, forest. Two way different things!" He argued
"I hate you." I mumbled
"Oh I know love, but too bad you're stuck with me!" He teased making me laugh
"It's in spring anyways so I think we have some time." I shrugged
"That's in 5 months!!" He yelled
"I know, but I mean we want to do it before he leaves for tour again." I said a bit sad
"You'll be ending your second trimester!"
"I know, it's a short tour so he'll be back before the baby is born." I said calculating the months
"How did he take the news?!" Jon asked excited
"I umm haven't told him yet." I sheepishly mumbled
"WHAT?! Lydia don't do this again!" He warned me
"Jon I know, I just umm don't know how to tell him."
"You have to bring it up the topic!" He suggested
"It's not like I'm gonna be at the dinner table and say 'Hey babe did you I'm a month pregnant?' " I said jokingly
"Lydia come on you have to! Or I will!" Jon hissed
"Oh is that a threat I hear?!" I said laughing
"You bet your pregnant ass it is!" He scolded back
"Jon I just don't kno-" I started but there was a rattle on the doorknob and Niall walked in, "Love I'm gonna call you back later!" I told him and quickly hung up.
"Welcome home sweetie." I said, in the most ridiculously suspicious tone.
"What did you do?" He said narrowing his eyes but then chuckling
"Pshh nothing!" I argued then crossed my arms
"Then good, how was your day home?" He asked as he pressed his lips against my hand then my forehead.
"It was good, I missed you." I said wrapping my arms around his neck
"I miss you too love." He whispered pecking my lips quickly
"Dahdee!" Liam yelled from the stairs
"Sweetie you're awake!" I muttered as he ran toward us
"Hey little man!" Niall said scooping him up with one arm
"I mizz yuh." Liam said
"Aww little man I missed you so so so much too!" Niall said in a baby voice, I escaped Niall's grip and walked over to the beeping oven to pull out the chicken that was cooking. I stared at them for a bit trying to let the good moment soak in, seeing Niall bond with Liam was priceless. He missed out on the birth of Liam and three years of life, I didn't want this to happen to the coming baby.
"Niall can we talk." I said and he stared at me in concern
"What's wrong?" He asked, I couldn't hold back the unwanted tears from pouring out
"Lydia what's wrong?!" He yelled running towards me
"Niall, I-I'm." I began
"You're what? You're hurt? What happened?" He said frantically
"No, I'm umm just tired. I'm going to shower!" I yelled running away from them and up the stairs.


Niall's P.O.V


After yesterday's strange incident Lydia has been avoiding me for some reason, did I do something wrong? We didn't talk the rest of the dinner time and she wouldn't look me in the eyes, she even chose to sleep in Liam's bed and I had to carry her back to our bed. I had the day off and slept in a bit after she got up and showered. I could hear her rummage around her cabinets then grabbing her shoes from the closet.
"You're going out?" I asked still with my eyes closed
"Umm yeah, just to the grocery." She replied and I peered through one of my eyes to see her quickly walk out the door. I jumped out of the covers and followed her downstairs until she reached for the door and I pushed it close.
"Why are you avoiding me?" I whispered behind her
"I-I'm just going to the store." She replied nervously
"Lydia I'm not stupid." I said wrapping my arms around her waist and squeezing her tightly .
"Niall stop!!" She yelled in a serious tone
"Not until you tell me why you're avoiding me!" I argued back pulling her closer to me holding her tightly between my arms
"Stop! You'll hurt the baby!" She wailed out and my arms fell off of her as she turned to look at me with tear filled eyes.
"The what?" I said trembling
"I'm pregnant." She mumbled sheepishly fiddling with her fingers. I couldn't say anything I felt like I had just been shot in the stomach. My body began shaking and I stumbled backwards grabbing onto the railing of the stairs for support. She swung the door open running out and down the stairs then speeding away in the car.
"Dahdee, watz da madder?" Liam said rubbing his eyes as he walked down the stairs to me.
"We're having another baby."

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