Sweet Disposition 2

Lydia Hale now has aged 3 years and has a baby boy named Liam, which is Niall's. Living with her new boyfriend Anthony she looks through some old items in her closet finding a phone number of an old friend, Jon, and decides to give him a call. After taking out Baby Liam for a day out Jon accidentally takes him to Liam Payne's house where Niall Horan meets his 3 year old son.

This story will contain some sexual content for those younger roaming eyes out there.
(You have been warned!)


11. Together As a Family

Niall's P.O.V

We lay with our bodies intertwined having the sun slowly disappear, shinning through the thin curtains with the rose pattern. We lay catching up on the recent events that have happened and it felt like it always did; two people madly in love. She smiled like she always would hiding her teeth and closing her eyes as she covered her face hiding from embarrassment. Then for a while we just cuddled her head lay on my chest as she traced the outline of my abs, till the sounds of small footsteps approaching the door and a small restless Liam walked inside.
"Dahdee!" He screamed running towards me as Lydia was dressing.
"Hey little man!" I said scooping him into my arms and kissing his cheeks as he giggled.
"Mummy!" He said as Lydia climbed back into the bed leaning her head on my shoulder and kissed Liam's forehead.
"Come on Liam, let's get you something to eat!" She said
"Ohkay, I wahnt spasgetee!" He said jumping out of my arms and tugging at Lydia.
"I guess we're having spaghetti!" She said to him and turned to me giving me a small kiss on the cheek
"I'll be down in a bit babe." I said to her as she was tugged out of the door and she gave me such a sweet smile; it filled my heart. I collected my clothes and put all but my shirt on because I couldn't seem to find it anywhere, taking a deep breath I walked out the door and down the stairs to my family that awaited me. I was stealthy like a cat trying to make the least noise possible to scare Lydia who was by the sink, Liam stared at me and giggled when I told him to stay quiet.
"BOO!" I yelled as I grabbed her waist
"AHHHH!" She screamed throwing soap and water everywhere as her arms flew up, I burst into laughter giving little Liam a high five on the side.
"Punk! You scared me!" She said throwing water at me
"I got you good though!" I said as I hugged her tightly before stealing a kiss from her lips.
"Not funny! I'm going to get you back watch! You just watch Niall James Horan!" She said wrapping her arms around my neck and sticking her tongue out.
"You're such a little kid!" I joked and Liam came running over to us hugging our legs.
"I luff youh!" He yelled as I picked him up in my arms and hugged Lydia with the other having her hands placed on my chest and her head resting on my shoulder.
"We love you too little man!" I said as he smiled to both of us, suddenly there was a cough that came from across the kitchen.
"I hope I'm not interrupting." Said a slender man with black hair
"Anthony!" Lydia gasped
"Tony!" Said Liam still holding onto me
"Is there some explanation about why there's a half dress man hugging my girlfriend and holding Liam?" He said
"Iz dahdee!" said Liam hugging my neck and then the room fell into silence.
"I thought you said you weren't coming back till tomorrow!" said Lydia as she let go of me.
"I came back to give you these," he said throwing a bouquet of roses on the floor "but I guess you have plenty on your hands!" He screamed and stormed out of the kitchen.
"Anthony wait! It's not what it looks like!" Lydia screamed chasing after him
"You know what! This is perfect!" He said as he stood at the doorstep
"Anthony don't say that!" She said
"It is because now I can be with this other girl I've been fucking!" He screamed and I could see Lydia's body tense up.
"Yeah that's right I've been sleeping with someone else for the past 3 months!" He screamed at her and I placed Liam down swiftly walking over to Lydia's side.
"Don't you dare raise your voice at her!" I yelled placing myself in front of her.
"Well you know what! Now you can have this pathetic bitch all to yours-" He said but immediately my arm rose and I knuckles made contact with his jaw.
"Don't you ever call her that!" I yelled as he stumbled back
"This is MY house! I can say whatever I want!" He said as he punched me in the stomach and left me gasping for air, Lydia ran from behind me trying to block the space between us.
"Stop! Just stop!" She screamed
"Now I want you and your kid out of my house by tomorrow!" He screamed at her and stormed out of the house. Lydia fell to her knees and began to sob burring her face into her hands. I leaned down to her hugging and lifting her back onto her feet as she cried into my chest.
"Love, he doesn't deserve a beautiful girl like you!" I said holding her closer to me
"What am I suppose to do now?" She muttered in between her sobs.
"It's going to be alright love! I'm here for you." I said kissing her head
"Mummy don't cry!" Said Little Liam and she picked him up wiping her tears
"You're right little one, I won't cry for you!" She said kissing his cheek and I embraced them both.
"Hey little man, how'd like to live with me at my house?" I said and they both stared at me surprised
"YAY!" Yelled Liam clapping about and then springing into my arms
"Niall we couldn't-" Lydia started
"It's my job to take care of you guys, I am a dad now!" I said as I kissed her forehead, "we can live together as a family."


Liam's P.O.V(Big)


I sat up on the couch as my phone vibrated in my pocket and saw it was a call from Niall.
"Hello mate!" I said
"Hello lad!" He said
"What's up?" I asked as I played with the control
"I need to ask for a favor."
"Of course! What is it?"
"Can you bring the big van to help me move some stuff!"
"Of course! Today?"
"Yes if your not busy!"
"Well I did have a prior engagement with my tele! But I think we need some space!" I said and all that was heard was his laughter.
"I'll text you the address! OH and can you bring me an extra shirt!" He said
"Alright I'll be there as soon as possible!" I said and hung up receiving a message to a different address but without hesitation I quickly dressed also grabbing an extra shirt of mine for Niall. I picked up my keys from the counter hearing them jingle together as I exited the door and out into the cold air. I quickly map quested the address as I jumped into the van and driving away from the house slowly. I watched the lights of the cars drive by and by it said the address was an hour or so away, as I drove up to the house it seemed so familiar but I don't know from where.
"Hey Nialler I'm in front can you come out!" I said when he picked up my call
"Oh yeah, I'm right........here!" He said and I saw him at the doorstep waving over to me, he was shirtless; I think he was turning into Harry. I hopped out of the van as I parked it and walked over to the house Niall stood in front of.
"Here you go mate!" I said throwing the shirt at him
"Thanks lad! I owe you!" He said as he put it on
"This place seems so familiar! I think I've been here. Who's house is it?" I said as we walked into the house and I saw a familiar face playing with his robots on the floor.
"Liam!" I yelled
"Leehum!" He said back to me running towards me, then it clicked; Niall found out.
"Hey stranger!" said Lydia from a distance away
"Lidz! Hey! Long time no see!" I yelled as I picked up Liam and Niall walked over to Lydia putting his arm around her and kissing her forehead.
"They're moving in with me!" He said with the biggest smile in his face and Lydia's eyes seemed happy, which meant her heart was how it was suppose to be; with Niall's.

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