Sweet Disposition 2

Lydia Hale now has aged 3 years and has a baby boy named Liam, which is Niall's. Living with her new boyfriend Anthony she looks through some old items in her closet finding a phone number of an old friend, Jon, and decides to give him a call. After taking out Baby Liam for a day out Jon accidentally takes him to Liam Payne's house where Niall Horan meets his 3 year old son.

This story will contain some sexual content for those younger roaming eyes out there.
(You have been warned!)


4. Three of Us

Lydia's P.O.V


I got home and quickly slipped into the shower to relax my nerves. Anthony wouldn't be home for a bit longer so I decided to take my time in the shower letting the water fall on my head. I finished my shower and stepped out feeling the steam from behind me as I opened the shower door. I heard some rustling in the room and I saw Anthony sitting on the bed kicking off his shoes and undoing his tie.
"And Liam?" He asked
"His new godfather took him out for the day, they should be home in a bit." I said
"New godfather?"
"Yeah he's an old friend I recently met up with, you'll meet him when they come."
"Oh, okay. So what's for dinner?" He said smiling at me
"I don't know, what are you going to cook?" I chuckled and he laughed as he got up and wrapped his arms around me. Being with Anthony made me feel stable and as if I had a support to help me go on with my life, Liam just gave me a reason to live.
"Wait, I just showered! I'll get you all wet!" I protested
"Oh it's okay, I'll just take mine off!" He said as he placed a kiss on my lips, one of his surprise kisses that made my stomach flutter. We stood there caught in the moment wrapped in each others arms until my phone broke the silence.
"Hello?" I answered
"Hey it's Jon!" He said
"Oh hey you guys on your way?" I asked with a smile on my face
"Yes, we just left and all three of us are in the car."
"What do you mean three?" I said as my heartbeat started to race, then the panic came back like an unfinished storm.
"Yeah, umm something came up is it okay if I bring a friend?" he asked
"Jon, you didn-"
"We'll see you in a bit." He said and hung up as my heart pounded and that feeling of uneasiness came back.
"Lydia? Is everything alright?" asked Anthony
"Yes, umm I guess we're having guests." I said trying to breath.


Anthony's P.O.V


She was acting sort of strange at the moment, maybe it was because Liam wasn't home or maybe it was just a mood swing. And I knew that this meant one thing; she needs some space. As she pulled out of my grip to answer the phone she seemed different, she got dressed and ignored me so I decided to give her some space to sort out her feelings. So I went out with my daily routine and undressed jumping into the shower after a long day of work, today just isn't my day. First my boss flips out about the power point in the meeting and then my temp called in and now I come home to this. I stood in the shower letting the water run on my head and back as it relaxed me much more, I stepped out feeling refreshed. I took out some jeans and a clean plain white t-shirt because we had company coming soon. I sat on the bed and I heard the sounds of the kitchen and then of Lydia crying; I left her alone I didn't want to make it worst. After a few minutes I walked down the stairs to the kitchen where Lydia ran up to me and stood in front of me wiping her tears. She looked just like Liam when he got hurt and just finished crying.
"Why didn't you come?!" She yelled
"I was just giv-"
"You didn't come, when I needed you most."
"Lydia I-I am s-"
"Don't give me that bullshit!" She screamed
"You always make excuses!" She muttered trying not to cry
"Just relax!" I said
"No! When I cry I want someone to be there to tell me everything is alright!"
"I'm sorry."
"You don't mean it!!" She yelled, she was in a horrible mood.
"Forgive me?" I said
"I don't think I can!"
"Look Lyd-" I started but the door bell rang and Lydia's face froze as she turned to the door. Then the door bell went off again and echoed throughout the house as we stood in silence. Lydia composed herself wiping her tears with her apron and took a deep breath. She walked to the door and slowly opened it to hear "Mummy!" it was little Liam and two other guys stood at the port of the door.
"We're back!" Said one with glasses carrying Liam.
"Long time no see." said the other

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