Sweet Disposition 2

Lydia Hale now has aged 3 years and has a baby boy named Liam, which is Niall's. Living with her new boyfriend Anthony she looks through some old items in her closet finding a phone number of an old friend, Jon, and decides to give him a call. After taking out Baby Liam for a day out Jon accidentally takes him to Liam Payne's house where Niall Horan meets his 3 year old son.

This story will contain some sexual content for those younger roaming eyes out there.
(You have been warned!)


18. Stomach Aches

Jon's P.O.V


"Caroline why are you here?" Liam said snapping me out of my vision and I saw that it was about to come true unless I fixed it.
"I went to the studio and they had told me Niall was at the hospital!" She said and the uneasiness within me turned
"I'll take you to him." I said in a cold tone.
"Really?" She said and her face lit up
"Yeah follow me." I said walking away from the conversation and Liam stared at me in confusion.
"Hey thank you!" She said as we passed the guys and went through the doors.
"Don't mention it Caroline was it?" I said acting dumb
"Yeah and you are." She asked as we proceeded into the elevator
"You can call me Jorge." I told her pretending to be my twin brother
"Oh thanks but haven't I seen you before at Liam's?"
"Oh you must've mistaken me for Jon, I'm his twin."
"Oh are you sure that his room is on this floor?"
"Yeah I just came down from here!" I said exiting the elevator and walking up the stairs to the roof.
"Ladies first." I said and gave her a smile as she opened a door and I pushed her out of it closing it quickly.
"Hey! This is the roof!! Let me in!!" She screamed as I ran back down the stairs calling Liam
"Hello Liam, Anthony should be getting to you now. Ask him to take you to the cafe! I'll explain later!" I said
"Okay." He said and hung up, I rushed down to the elevator and pushing my way through the crowds. I finally reached the waiting room and as I walked through the white doors he walked in the front door.
"Jon." He said as he stood in front of me


Lydia's P.O.V


After a few hours Harry took Liam and me home to get some rest while they stayed over for a while. He kept us company for the rest of the day and night collapsing on the sofa out of exhaustion. I took Liam upstairs and laid him on his bed, I sat on the side of the bed with my back to him, I had such a horrible feeling when I left Niall there. But just seeing him there was too heartbreaking, I don't think I would have lasted long enough without going hysterical. Flashes of Niall's cut face and the wire jabbed into his hands gave made me feel ill, I couldn't bare see him like that.
I woke up the next morning still in the same position next to Liam's bed, he was still fast asleep and I checked the clock to see it was 5 in the morning. Getting up I sighed loudly while walking to take a quick shower, I checked on Harry who was still asleep and moved on with my shower. I turned on the hot water feeling it burn on my skin until it began to cool down to a low heat, I washed my hair and body trying to get those frightful images out of my head. I stared at my body running my eyes to my hands and I saw the ring, it always made feel so close to Niall. 
After my shower I changed into some of Niall's clothes then tip-toeing downstairs to the kitchen to make some tea to try and calm my body. The smell of the cold crisp air blew in as I opened the window, I somehow still felt really sick and my stomach wasn't in the best part today. The sounds of whistling came through the teapot and I grabbed my cup eager to calm myself a bit. The taste seemed to sooth my entire body after a few sips, after the whole cup I felt so much better already. I sat then at the table laying my head on the my arms as I rested my body on the table top sighing trying to picture a more joyful Niall. He was alive, all busted up, but alive and that's what mattered.
"Mind if I join?" asked a sleepy yet wide awake Harry
"I would like that." I said to him and walked to the stove to pour him a cup
"How long have you been up?" He asked as he took a sip
"Since five." I answered
"And what time did you sleep?"
"After 12 I think."
"Lidz you need to rest!"
"I can't, my body can't rest until he's back here with me!"
"I know but you need your rest, you have to think about little Liam too."
"I guess you're right." I said letting out a sigh
"I'm leaving for the hospital in a bit but you need to stay here with Liam." He said
"NO! I want to go with you!" I yelled
"You have to stay here with Liam, he's unaware of anything."
"Harry! That's not fair! I'm going!"
"Lidz you're staying at that's final!" He said and stood up from his chair with authority, I just turned my face in anger from him trying not to let anything slip.
"Lidz it's best for Liam right now. You have to put him first." He said walking over to me
"I know, but I want to see him!" I cried and threw myself on the table crying
"I'll be back after to pick you guys up around 12, okay?" He assured me then soon enough he was gone.

Harry's P.O.V


All this drama and all these unwanted people coming to visit Niall was just too much. I didn't need Lidz to see Caroline, Anthony, or Jorge at the moment that would just top the cherry on the pile of crap. The sunlight beamed through the clouds as I drove to the hospital once again, this was all overwhelming. As I pulled up I quickly phoned Lou to see if he was awake but he wasn't answering, so I tired Liam and still no answer then I called Zayn who picked up after the second ring.
"Hello?" He said in a cold morning tone
"Mate you guys with Niall?" I asked as I got out of the car
"It's only me here, the other went home a while ago to change."
"Okay I'm coming up in 5." I said and hung up speeding up my pace inside the hospital to the elevator. I walked down the same hallway and looked through the doors until I saw a worn out Zayn laying on a chair rubbing his temples.
"You look terrible." I said running my fingers through his hair
"Nice to see you too." He replied slapping my hand away
"So who else came when we left?"
"Well Caroline came after I went to open the door from the roof for her." He said laughing
"Jon locked her up on the roof?" I said chuckling
"Yeah he had a vision that her, Anthony, and Jorge were going to meet so it was a needed action."
"Did Jorge come see him?" I asked a bit worried
"Yeah Jon had to stall him until you guys left."
"Ugh this is all a mess. They shouldn't be coming anymore, right?" I said sitting down on the corner of Niall's bed
"We don't know, Caroline said she come and I don't think Anthony would."
"And even if they do we could always lock them up on the roof!" I said and he burst into laughter
"Harry shut up." I heard and stood up in shock to see he had woken up
"Mate you're awake!" I yelled hugging him
"Five more minutes!" He hissed back
"Niall, Niall, Niall, Niall?" I said as I leaned my face into his and poking his cheek, he hated that but it was a good way to make him wake up.
"I'm going to bite that finger off." He warned but opened his eyes
"We're so happy you're up!!" I said hugging him
"Mate you're up!" Zayn yelled and piled up on top of me
"Ouch!!" He screamed and a nurse popped in
"Excuse me! We don't harass the patient." She yelled and we both jumped off
"Now Mr. Horan let's check you a bit." She said and proceeded to check the computer and what not.
"So is he alright?" I asked and she glared at me
"Yeah he has a concussion and is beat up but either than that he's fine." She said as she wrote on her clipboard
"So when can we take him home?" Zayn asked
"Well we need to keep him here for the next let say two or three days just to make sure he's alright."
"Oh, alright thank you miss." He said and she nodded exiting the room.
"So now that you're awa-" I began
"Where's Lydia? Is she okay? And Liam??" Niall cut me off
"They're at home and they're fine." I said
"Oh my God, this is horrible." He said
"It's okay I'm going to bring them later, okay?" I reassured Niall and I saw his body relax as he laid back on the bed.
"Oh thank God! But I feel horrible!" He said hugging his stomach
"Should I call the nurse?!?!" Zayn said standing up
"Yes and tell her to bring some food, I'm starving!!" Niall yelled and the sounds of our laughter could be heard down the hall, same old Niall.

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