Sweet Disposition 2

Lydia Hale now has aged 3 years and has a baby boy named Liam, which is Niall's. Living with her new boyfriend Anthony she looks through some old items in her closet finding a phone number of an old friend, Jon, and decides to give him a call. After taking out Baby Liam for a day out Jon accidentally takes him to Liam Payne's house where Niall Horan meets his 3 year old son.

This story will contain some sexual content for those younger roaming eyes out there.
(You have been warned!)


33. I'm With You

Niall's P.O.V

Going out of my mind I could hear my name being shouted from different directions. I turned and relaxed when I saw Liam carrying a shaken up Little Liam. They all still held onto me and walked me down the front stairs.
"Niall!" I could hear someone scream and my head twisted back and I bolted back up the stairs. I reached the front door once more before a strong officer swung me back and I was carried out. 
"Niall!!" I could hear louder, was she gone and I was imagining this?
"Niall!" Liam bellowed and I flinched my head up
"Mummy!!!" Little Liam scrambled out of Liam's arms and my eyes watched intently. And then there stood a happy Lydia with open arms receiving Liam.
"LYDIA!!" I screamed with exploding happiness and excitement, her eyes searched until they met with mine. I could barely see her through the tears in my eyes but she was coming towards me.
"Please put him down!" She yelled and I felt myself being laid on the concrete floor, immediately I sprung up and brought her into my arms. I couldn't help the tears that poured out of my face and I could fell her shaking in my arms.
"You're unharmed right?" I muttered  trying to control myself
"I was so scared!" She sobbed
"It's okay, I'm here now." I kissed the top of her forehead and she stared up at me with tear filled eyes.
"I was so worried about you!" I spoke quietly and wiped a falling tear
"Excuse me ma'am you must come down to the station for a report." An officer rudely interrupted us
"Okay." She mumbled and I tightened my grip on her
"Love it's okay, I'm with you. I'm safe." She sweetly whispered in my ear which initiated a wave of relief .

Lydia's P.O.V


"Okay so please describe what happened before you called 9-1-1." A police officer asked and I shifted uncomfortably in my chair, I would've liked it if Niall was here with me.
"Do I have to do this alone?" I bit my lip and stared down at the large dark brown table between us. I was in a questioning room I suppose, with the whole one way glass and all.
"Yes ma'am. Mr.Horan will join us shortly but first I need your story."
"Okay well it all started when I went to Liam's house to plan the wedding with my best friend Jonathan. We were talking about certain themes and what not when the doorbell rung. "
"Okay, go on." She pushed


"Do we tell the guys about this?" Jon asked and stared at the flowers
"We can handle this, they're just vague threats." I groaned
"What about the envelope?" He asked and I stared at it for a bit.
"I think we shouldn't open it. It's probably some stupid joke." I muttered
"Give it here." Jon offered his hand and took it from me, then with a swift throw he made it into the waste bin near the kitchen counter.
"Damn, you've got quite an arm!" I chuckled and he gave me a smirk
"Can you help me into the bathroom love?" He asked and I stood up in a heartbeat
"Of course! Let me get your slippers first." I walked into the bedroom and retrieved a pair of black home slippers and dropped them in front of him.
"Alright left leg first." He mumbled to himself and after what seemed to be an hour he was up and walking to the bathroom.
"This is embarrassing but can you help me sit." He shyly asked once I was in the bathroom with him.
"No problem!" I smiled and helped him sit.
"Please don't just stare at me." He grunted and I laughed
"Fine, I'll be in the bathtub if that helps." I said and laid inside the tub, after about a minute the house shock viciously and there was a loud 'BOOM'.
"Earthquake?!" Jon called out and I jumped out of the bathtub
"I don't think so. You'd be able to hear dogs barking and cars beeping if it was. I'm check." I cautiously opened the bathroom door and peeked out to see a large cloud of black smoke filling the living area.
"There's a fire!!" I yelled and immediately called 9-1-1
(End Of Flashback)

"And that's when the firemen came and escorted us out." I mumbled lastly
"We found the source of the fire, it was cause by and explosion in the kitchen."
"So it wasn't accidental?" I asked confused
"No, the waste bin in the kitchen was blown to pieces." She calmly said waiting for my reaction
"The envelope..." I trailed off in my thoughts
"Do you have any idea who would do this?" She asked and leaned over the table
"Actually I know who did it."
"And who would that be?" She waited and I took a deep breath
"Jonathan's twin brother Jorge and a woman named Caroline."
"Are you certain about this?"
"Yes, because this wasn't the first threat they've made." I gnawed at my lip and I felt uncomfortably scared.
"They've made othe-"
"May I be with fiance now?" I interrupted her, suddenly I stood and hugged myself
"Ma'am just a few more questi-" She began
"Please!" For some strange reason I began to cry and Niall barged in coming straight to me.
"Hey shhh, I'm here love." He cooed and held me in his arms making my body seem at peace.
"Mr. Horan we should begin shortly." The officer commanded and he released me but kept an arm secured around my waist.
"I would like my fiance to stay please." He ordered and she sighed
"Very well, I'll grab another chair." She exited the room and I laid my head on his shoulder
"I'm not leaving you alone anymore, I promise." He whispered and leaned down to kiss my forehead. I lifted my head and my lips met with his; I knew that he kept his promises and I could finally take a breather.

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