Sweet Disposition 2

Lydia Hale now has aged 3 years and has a baby boy named Liam, which is Niall's. Living with her new boyfriend Anthony she looks through some old items in her closet finding a phone number of an old friend, Jon, and decides to give him a call. After taking out Baby Liam for a day out Jon accidentally takes him to Liam Payne's house where Niall Horan meets his 3 year old son.

This story will contain some sexual content for those younger roaming eyes out there.
(You have been warned!)


17. Be Brave

Niall's P.O.V


My eyes remained closed slowly drifting in and out of consciousness until finally falling asleep. 
(Him Dreaming) I looked in her direction seeing her face peek out from behind the tree, her hair swaying as she quickly hid once more. I crept closer to the tree slowly peeking around it to see a giggling Lydia sitting by the base trying to hide, how lovely.
"I found you!" I said and she let out a giggle and sighed
"I'm happy you found me." She said standing up and wrapping her arms around my neck
"Well now you have to try a find me!" I said giving her a surprised kiss on the lips and running away through the forest.
"Niall?" I heard from a distance away, "Niall don't go!" She said now it sounded like she was crying.
"Niall please come back!" She said and this time her voice seemed closer however the day had turned into night and the once beautiful forest was a bleak torn down area where the trees were all dead.
"Lydia I'm here!" I screamed a bit frightened myself
"Niall!! I'm scared! Please come back to me!" She yelled in between her sobs and I stepped away from a tree into the opening and didn't see Lydia.
"Lydia I'm here!" I screamed as I searched around the dead forest
"Niall?!" I heard again and ran in that direction
"Lydia! Where are you!" I yelled panting heavily and feeling my heart as if it was going to explode.
"Niall, come back to me." She said and I turned to see her face full of agony.
"I'm here for you Lydia don't be scared. Please don't cry."


Lydia's P.O.V


Harry and I followed the man through the doors and to the nearby elevator, stepping in I grabbed hold of Harry's hand feeling uneasy about seeing Niall. As the elevator lights blinked at every floor it finally rested on the 4th floor and the man stepped out turning back at us to nod so we could follow. With every passing room I squeezed Harry's hand a bit tighter and wiped my tears with my free hand until the man stopped in front of one door and looked at us. My body froze entirely and Harry was confused when he took a step forward and I kept him back.
"Lidz come on." He said walking up to me
"Harry I'm scared." I mumbled as I wiped away another tear
"It's okay, I am too love. But he needs us most now," He said lifting up my chin, "now you're gonna be a brave girl for him right?" He asked and smiled gingerly at me
"Okay, I'll try my best." I said feeling like a child
"That a girl." He said and squeezed me tightly, "alright ready?" He said and I nodded as he pulled me to the Niall's room. It was blank, white, with the smell of death and depression within the small cubical. When every little moment passed me by I still didn't turn back, we walked straight through the door to see Niall laying on the hospital bed with wires in his skin and the oxygen tubes in his nose. Seeing Niall made me want to drop on the floor but I squeezed Harry's hand tightly until he flinched in pain. Harry tugged me to his bedside and I stood in shock ready to breakdown. My hand reached out placing it on top of his cheek.
"Niall please come back." I whispered and let out a low sob burring my face into Harry's arm I could feel his hand run down my head trying to calm me.
"I'm here." I heard and I stared at Harry but it wasn't him who had said it. My eyes flew to Niall whose mouth slowly closed again and I released Harry's arm placing them on Niall's hand.
"Niall!" I said trying to calm my sobbing, I squeezed his hand gently waiting for a response back but there was nothing, "Niall please! Come back to me!" I muttered between my sobs and placed my head onto of the bars on the bed. Harry's hands held me to his sides as I broke out in hysteria not being able to hold it back any longer.
"Shhh Lidz, come on, you said you'd be brave!" Harry said
"I'm sorry." I whispered into his shirt
"Don't cry." I heard and looked at Harry who smiled but nudged over to Niall. His face looked worried and I had smiled to see that he told me not to cry.
"See he's alright." Harry said placing one hand on my shoulder
"Yeah, at least he's alright." I said letting out a sigh


Jon's P.O.V


My heart stopped. Caroline was here and Lydia was with Niall at the moment, Caroline had no business with Niall anyways.
"Caroline why are you here?" Liam said walking towards her
"I went to the studio and they had told me that Niall was at the hospital!" She said panting
"You should leave." I said without thinking twice and she stared at me either mad or confused.
"Yeah, umm it might be best to visit another time." said Liam scratching the back of his neck
"Why?! Why can't I see him now!" She screamed
"Ma'am please calm yourself." said a security near the door and she relaxed herself
"I want to see him." She said and I was already getting irritated with her, walking over to her I put on my serious face and looked her straight in the eyes.
"Look, you have no business here and all you're going to do is cause a scene." I said and crossed my arms
"I care for Niall that's why I'm here!" She said back at me
"But he doesn't care for y-" I began
"Jon stop!" hissed Liam
"I'm just telling her the truth! That she shouldn't be here since Niall already has Lydia and Liam!" I spit out and lifted my head looking past her.
"Jon stop, look Caroline. Maybe it is best for you to come back in a different time." Liam said sympathetically
"But I-fine. I'll be back!" She said turning to me to give me a stare and turned exiting the hospital. Liam and I let out a sigh and he shook his head at me in disbelief of what I said.
"You shouldn't have said that." He began and I knew I'd get a lecture.
"I know but she needed to go!" I hissed back
"Yes but you could have been more polite!" He warned
"Nahh, I don't do polite. Look Liam its just th-" I began
"Aren't you two Liam and Jon?" asked a man
"Tony!!" we heard Little Liam say and I stared back at him in shock.
"Fuck, not you too." I muttered
"What? No, where's Lydia?" He asked and I just wanted to collapse from all this sudden storm of events.
"With Niall." I said without hesitation and Liam stared at me as if saying 'don't do this again' .
"Okay then I'm leaving." He said suddenly and walked away from us without another word. I walked back the to seats and slumped down in the first chair I saw letting out a loud grunt. This day couldn't get anymore complicated, but just to my cliche phrase I stared out the window and saw Anthony talking to Caroline. As I wiped my glasses a bit I stared again and now saw a third person with them, it was him.
"Holy shit."

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