Sweet Disposition 2

Lydia Hale now has aged 3 years and has a baby boy named Liam, which is Niall's. Living with her new boyfriend Anthony she looks through some old items in her closet finding a phone number of an old friend, Jon, and decides to give him a call. After taking out Baby Liam for a day out Jon accidentally takes him to Liam Payne's house where Niall Horan meets his 3 year old son.

This story will contain some sexual content for those younger roaming eyes out there.
(You have been warned!)


13. A Mess

Lydia's P.O.V


I placed my plate in the sink and walked toward the front door, someone coming to visit in the morning was strange. I peered out of the side windows but the the bush covered the view of my view of who it was. I unlocked the door and opened it slightly only showing part of my body, adjusting my eyes to the brightness outside someone stood looking at me in confusion.
"Hello, may I help you?" I asked
"Umm I'm sorry but is this Niall's house?" she said
"Yes it is." I replied
"Is he home?" she asked
"No he's at work, he'll be home a bit later."
"Oh okay, do you work here?"
"No I live here."
"Really? Who are you?!"
"The real question is who are you!" I said a bit ticked off with her tone of voice
"I'm Caroline!" She said putting her hand on her hip and giving me an unwanted attitude.
"And what business do you have with Niall?" I said giving her an attitude back
"I came here t-" she began
"Mummy who is it?" said Liam from the kitchen and then running over to where I stood.
"Its someone that apparently knows daddy." I said as I scooped him up from the floor
"Arh youh dahdee's fran?" He asked her and her face was as still as a statue, suddenly she shook her head and slowly stepped away soon taking off into a full sprint to a small black car a speeding away. Liam and I stood at the doorstep a bit confused about who this Caroline person was and how she knew Niall. I had a bad feeling about this lady something inside turned and seemed to spill over making me feel sick.
"Mummy hoo iz she?" Liam asked
"I don't know sweetie, I guess we have to ask daddy who she was." I said setting him down and closing the door, taking in a deep breath I walked over to the sink to do the dishes and go on with my day.


Jon's P.O.V


Today was my two year anniversary with Alan and since he had to work I decided to make him a romantic dinner when he got back, but It was still morning so I needed to go shopping. I decided to lazy around a bit in the house before actually preparing to leave for the market, I checked my phone and saw I had a missed call; from Lydia. I called back immediately knowing that something suspicious must be going on.
"Hello?" she said and I could hear the clinking of plates and running water.
"Hey gurl, you called?" I said sitting up on the bed
"Yeah, do you know a Caroline?" She asked, what a random question
"Ummm, I don't think so why?" I said still a bit puzzled by the sudden question
"Cus this lady just came asking for Niall and I thought you'd know her as well."
"No I don't think it rings a bell."
"You sure, she was a bit tan with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. "
"No I don't thin-" I said and then it clicked, it was that girl at Liam's house the one that he was trying to hook up with Niall.
"Jon you there?" She asked breaking me out of my thoughts
"Yeah umm can I call you back in a bit?" I asked not knowing what else to say
"Uhh sure." She said and I quickly hung up calling Liam immediately.
"Hello?" said a voice
"Liam?!" I said practically screaming
"Oye mate, what's up?" He asked
"Caroline, what's the story on her and Niall." I asked quickly
"Why? I'm not sure he didn't tell me anything."
"You need to find out what happened."
"Why? What's the matter?"
"She showed up at Niall's house this morning and Lydia was there!"
"Oh no, wait so what do I do!"
"Talk to Niall! Or call Caroline! But find out what happened!" I said panting
"I'll ask Niall right now." He said in a whisper
"Alright tell me what happened, I think I'm going to Lydia's for a while so call me then."
"Okay bye."


Liam's P.O.V


After Jon had hung up the phone it was my turn to do my solo for the new song so I went in a gave it my best to finish quickly, and it worked. It was Lou's turn to do his solo so I quickly pulled Niall aside as we all waited.
"What's up mate?" He said as he stuffed himself with the chips he made Paul get him.
"Caroline." I said and his face froze
"What about her?"
"That's what I'm asking, what happened with her?"
"Why?" He asked as he looked down at his now empty bag
"She showed up at YOUR house and LYDIA was there." I said with a serious tone and Niall's face shot up.
"Yeah Jon just called, now talk."
"Ugh this is all mess, it was just one night. And I was drunk!" He said sharply in a whisper
"Niall you slept with her?" I said still in surprise
"She got me drunk and practically took me to her bed." He said still in a whisper
"What happened after that?"
"Nothing I just woke up the next morning and then that's when I saw Lydia and Liam at the park." He said
"So it was the day after." I said trying to figure this out
"I didn't think she'd come over or even figure out where I live! And now she met Lydia! Oh shit did she tell her anything?!" He said at the point of a panic attack.
"No, Jon just said that she showed up asking for you."
"What do I do now?" He asked with a face of desperation
"Tell Lydia, I'm sure she'll understand."
"Mate what if she doesn't and what if I loose her again?!" Niall said ready to breakdown in front of me
"Niall, you love her and she loves you. I know she'll understand. But you need to tell her before Caroline gets to her and really makes a mess of this."

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