50 Days

50 days of heartache, love, struggle, stress, hate, get-togethers, break-ups, laughs, tears. Will everything turn around for Cassidy Filmer, a 17 year old brunette in search of a life and some love. How far can she build up her life before it comes crashing down?


2. Day 2

Day 2:


"Hey, can you see if Lexy can take your brothers to soccer practice tonight?" My dad asked. "Yea." Just then, a car horn honked. "Bye daddy. Boogers!" I kissed my dad's cheek and headed out the door. I hopped in the car and we drove off. "Hey!" Lexy boomed. "Why are you so happy?" I asked, laughing at her happiness. "Well, I was on Facebook and I saw you became friends with a certain someone. *cough cough* JOSH *cough cough*" I punched her arm playfully. "STOP! I don't like him! I was just being nice." "Mmmhhmm". I hit her arm again as we pulled in the parking lot. I grabbed my bag and shuffled out of the car. I had brought a cup of coffee with me to boost me up some. I was in the middle of taking a sip when someone bumped into me, causing me to fall and spill the HOT coffee ALL over me. Everyone laughed and pointed. A few took pictures. I felt someone's hands help me. I looked up, about to cuss someone out when I noticed who the bumper was. Josh. UGH! "Is this what's gonna happen everytime I see you? Cause if it is, I need to stop bringing drinks in the morning." He chuckled and grabbed my hand. "Coffee looks good on you." He whispered into my hair. I didn't know if I should push him away or let him kiss me. I decided to push him. "Don't kiss me." I said, walking away. I linked arms with Lexy and we walked towards school. "OMG! He helped you up then kissed your ear! He so likes you!" She squealed. Lexy loves love. "Well it's not gonna happen. I don't like him. Everytime I see him, he's always bumping into me." She rolled her eyes. "Whatevs. Later!" She waved and walkde away. I went to my locker, determined to get my books and go before Josh can stop me. I was almost late yesturday! I put in my locker combo and grabbed my books. I turned around to see Josh heading my way. I slammed my locker and started to jog down the hall. I was so close to the classroom when I felt someone's arms slip around my waist and pull me into the janitor closet. I didn't get a chance to scream until I was in the room. I started slapping and kicking. "LET. ME. OUT!!!" I heard someone chuckle and I instantly knew who it was. Josh. "JOSH!! I'M GONNA BE LATE! ARE YOU CRAZY!!" I screamed. "Crazy for you." He whispered. He was extremly close to my face. He pinned me agaisnt a shelf. I tried to push him away, but he had a tight grip. He started kissing my neck. I felt shivers in my spine. He moved to my lips, setting of the bombs. "Josh st-" he cut me off. "Shhh" I obeyed as he kissed my ear. Was I enjoying this? NO WAY! I CAN'T! "Josh! GET OFF ME!" I shoved him again, nothing. I was squirming and pushing, nothing. "This would be better if you just stay still." He whispered agaisnt my lips. I looked at the clock in the closet. 8:15!!!!! "JOSH! I'M LATE!!" I shoved and squirmed. "Then there's no need to show up." He kissed me again, trying to get me to kiss back. Not gonna happen. I then got an idea. I started kissing back, tugging at his hair. I kissed his neck, teasing him. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I shoved him agaisnt the wall, making him grunt in pain, but quickly recovering by kissing my chin. I got him right where I want him. I shoved my knee in his wrong spot, making him collapse to the ground in pain. I kicked his side, making him wince. I opened the door. "Next time, don't make me late." I smirked and walked away.

"Josh keeps staring at you! He's in love!!" Lexy boomed. "Oh shutup! After this morning, I'm pretty sure the only thing he loves is the fact I didn't kick him again." I laughed at my joke. Lexy gave me confused eyes. We sat down, and I told her my story. After I was finished, he eyes were HUGE! "Woah. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!" She shouted. "SHH!" She apologized and gave me serious eyes. "I thought he was really into you, apparently not." I scoffed. "A guy like him is only interseted in Rated R action." We both laughed and finished out lunch.

"So, I was thinking, we should go to the mall!" Lexy shouted once we were inside my house. "YEA! EXCEPT I DON'T HAVE MONEY!" Her face fell as she plopped beside me on the couch. Then I remembered. "OMG! I FORGOT TO ASK! Can you drive my brothers to soccer practice?" Her face brightened, Uh oh. "YES! We'll take them, and while they're practicing, we can watch the boys soccer game on the other side of the field!" I was about to decline, but I don't won't to stay home all night. "OK!" She jumped up and screamed. "BOOGERS! C'MON! WE GOTTA SOCCER PRACTICE TO GET TO!" She shouted.

After we dropped the boogers off at their practice, we walked over to the bleachers to watch the game. I looked around, I've seen a lot of these people in school. I saw Britany, the head cheerleader, in the bleachers making out with Tyson, her boyfriend. EW! We took our seats and looked as the game started.

The game was almost over, the scores tied. It was the Sharks agaisnt the Bears (my school). One more shot and we win. The crowd, including me and Lexy, we're cheering and whooping. "C'MON BEARS!! YOU GOT THIS!!!" Lexy shouted. "BEAT EM!!" I screamed. I then saw someone I didn't want to see, Josh. He was running down the field, the ball being kisked back and forth between his feet. He neared the goal, kicked with a LOT of force, and...... SCORE!! The crowd roared. I would've, but I didn't want him to notice me. "Hey, I'm going to the bathroom." I said to Lexy. SHe nodded her head. I slipped away quietly, hoping he didn't see me. I was planning on going back to the car, but I realised, I had to pee! I walked to the bathroom. It's not like he can come in the girls bathroom. There was no one there. I used the bathroom and washed my hand. I was drying my hands when I heard the one voice I didn't want to hear, Josh's. I slipped into a stall, holding my breath. THIS IS THE GIRL'S BATHROOM!? I should tell the coach! My heart was racing. Maybe he wouldn't find me. I heard a stoll door shut. I was standing on the toilet. I decided to make a break for it. I hopped down and scurried out of the stall. What I saw, scared the crap out of me! Josh was standing there, washing his hands. He turned around, that stupid smirk on his face. "Hey boo." He said moving closer. I panicked and ran around him. I got to the door, only to find it locked. NO! I turned around to be faced with fear. "Josh, let me go!" I demanded. "I don't think I want to." He said, kissing my neck. I shoved him, this time he actually moved. I ran into the stall, trying to lock it, but Josh pushed it open, locking it behind him. "Good thinking. So we won't be bothered." What happened next, will scar me for life!



A/N: SORRY IF IT SUCKS! I'm just tired. Later peeps!!

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