50 Days

50 days of heartache, love, struggle, stress, hate, get-togethers, break-ups, laughs, tears. Will everything turn around for Cassidy Filmer, a 17 year old brunette in search of a life and some love. How far can she build up her life before it comes crashing down?


1. Day 1

Cassidy's POV:

"HEY YA PIGS!! SAVE ME SOME!!" I yelled at my 2 brothers, Ethan and Luke, her were hogging all the bacon. After they grabbed theirs, I got my 1 piece. "Thanks." I said sarcastically. I drank my orange juice and ate my eggs. "Hey guys" My dad said walking downstairs. "Hey daddy!" I said sweetly. I kissed his cheek and grabbed my bag. "Bye dad! Bye boogers!" I ran outside and hopped on my skateboard. Yes, I am 17 with no car, GET OVER IT!!

"HEY!!" Lexy boomed. Lexy is my BFF/ SISTER!! "Hey. Can I put my skateboard in your car?" She nodded and I plopped it in the passenger seat. "I promise I'll pick you up tomorrow, SWEAR!!" I laugh at her lame promise. I nod and we walk inside. "See ya in lucnh!" She says. I wave and I head for my locker. I was a few feet from it when......CRASH! I fell flat on my bum. OW!! JERK!!" I shouted, not even knowing who it was. "Woah, sorry. Here, let me help you." He says sticking his hand out. I roll my eyes and grab it. ONce I got to my feet, I walked away. "HEY! WAIT UP!" He yelled. I put in my locker numbers and pulled out my math books. I turned around to see whatshisname right in front of me. "Excuse me." I said, trying to go around him. He then slammed his hands on either sides of my head. "What's your name, beautiful?" He asked with a smirk. "Cassidy. Can I go now?" "I'm Joshua, but you can call me Josh. Nice to meet you." He stuck his hand out and I shook it. "Ok Josh, if you make me late, you WILL be sorry. So, MOVE! I shouted, not loudly though. He smirked and pulled a slip of papper from his pocket and grabbed the pen that was in my notebook. He wrote something down then handed the paper to me. It was his number! I have to admit, he is pretty hot! But I'm DEFINETLY not interested! "I hope you use it." He says, kissing my cheek before walking off. What just happened?

"Hey, how was your morning?" Lexy asked in lunch. "Ok. I got a number I'm not gonna use." Her eyes widened. "Give it here." She demanded. I handed her the number. "Do you know who's number this is?!" She sayed, freaking out. "No.... All I know is his name is Josh. "YEA!! JOSH PETERSON!!" "So?" I'm lost. "HE IS THE BIGGEST HOTTIE EVER!! YOU HAVE TO CALL HIM!!" "NO! The first thing he did was knock me down then slam his fists into my locker. not my type." She rolled her eyes and put the number in her bag. "Why did you out the number in your bag?" I asked. "If you won't call him, I WILL!" I laughed as we finished our lunch.

I put my bag on my bed and pulled out my laptop. I quickly got on facebook to see a new friend request and a message. I looked at the request, Josh Peterson. Really!? I sighed and decided to be nice and accept. I check the message. Guess who... Yep, Josh!

"Hey, boo! Maybe we should go out sometime?-xx

UGH, NO!! I ignored the message and got on twitter. A new follower and a new tweet. Both from Josh. Is he gonna stop?!




A/N: Sorry it sucks. I have school tomorrow...BOO!! Thanks, loves!

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