Irish is Good

After Maddie's bestfriend Niall became famous, he has been inviting to his tours and interviews and everything related. Now, after she started having feelings for him, shes wondering if he small childhood wish shouldnt really come tru: to not be irish.


2. We saw paris when we kissed, when we kissed

"The song is about me?" I asked shocked.

'of course!" Niall said embarrased. "some of it was my dreams of me and you, but most of it was true things about me and you." he said smiling.

"What about Louis' solo?" " We saw paris when we kissed when we kissed I remember the taste of_ your lipstick." I sung out

"that was my dreams." He said scratching his head.

"whoa." "You like me?" I said with a confused expression.

"HELL YEAHHH" HE said twirling his head.

"haha" I said laughing.

Then, without warning, Niall leaned in and kissed me. An awkward thing for your bestfriend to do right?

"Niall?" i said


"I like you too." I dont really think I meant it. or did I?
"Then..... wanna go out?" He asked.

"Yeah. I know you good enough." I said and we started kissing again.

Oh..... how I would take away my childhood wish, to never be irish. Youre probably asking why that was my wish. That was my wish because every time I visited my cousins from California, they made fun of my accent, and they were like my idols. I always tried to hurt my neck because of the accent, so I had many injuries.

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