Irish is Good

After Maddie's bestfriend Niall became famous, he has been inviting to his tours and interviews and everything related. Now, after she started having feelings for him, shes wondering if he small childhood wish shouldnt really come tru: to not be irish.


4. Mummy and Daddy

After Niall left I sat on the couch. He just left like that so leave him be, I thought. Then I remembered I had to go pick up my baby cousin and watch her for the week. I left to my aunts house. She was there and the baby was soo adorable, I could barely breeathe. I picked her up and went to my house with her bag of things.  I put her down on her play mat and she played for hours. At lunch time I got a call from Niall.

"MADDZ COME TO MY HOUSE!" He said hanging up quickly. I rushed with my cousin (named Katie) and we got to Nialls house with a doctor inside.

"Niall?" I said and he brought me into the kitchen, with the doctor.

"Well, Maddie remember how we umm ya know did it last month when we were drunk.." He said embarrased. I nodded

"Well, I have ran a few tests and Niall's DNA says he is a father." (I KNOW INN RL U CANT DO THT JUST PRETEND OR SOMETHING) THe doctor said.

"OMG" I said covering my mouth. Katie was still in my hands and giggling. I almost dropped her.

"It could be someone elses" The doctor said. "We need to take some blood from you to check." He said bringing me to his car, with Niall and ran like 5 blood tests.

"Sorry to say that yes, Maddy you are the mother and, Niall is the father.

Katie stopped laughing and me and Niall both looked at eachother, with tears.

"But...." I said almost ready to drop Katie and run.

A few hours later before I was going to leave Niall came up to me,

"I promise Maddz, I will be there for you and I will help you every ultrasound, wether I need to leave the tours or not." I smiled.



Could Niall be this fatherly?

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