Irish is Good

After Maddie's bestfriend Niall became famous, he has been inviting to his tours and interviews and everything related. Now, after she started having feelings for him, shes wondering if he small childhood wish shouldnt really come tru: to not be irish.


3. Food Night, Rushing Morning

The rest of the night we partied hard. And by hard it's not like we played boardgames, because they are boredgames. For our fun we make food, ice cream, root beer floats, and such. We even got nandos.
By the time it was for bed, Niall looked at me. "Well, Maddie, do you want to sleep with me?" He asked taking my hand and dragging me to my own bed.

"Sure" I said. We went in my bed after we got in pj's and fell asleep quickly. I woke up at 1 am and he was still asleep. We never leave eachother when we have sleepovers. I brushed his hair from his face and got up and went to my desk quickly. I wasnt leaving him alone, just getting a sharpie to draw a mustache on a certain someone. When I got to him again, the mustache looked really funny and he awoke 5 hours later to only draw one on me. When I woke up I couldve sworn I was Mario.

"Hi Mario." he said to me as I glanced in the mirror.

"Hello Luigi." I said laughing with him. We went downstairs and I made cereal. After eating he looked at me and he said I need to tell you something. Then when he leaned in my face, he burped and it echoed and smelt like really bad. After dancing to songs Louis finaly came to pick him up.

"Hello, I am Lewis." He said purposly pronouncing his name wrong.

"i dont know a Lewis," I said looking at him, slamming the door. Then I opened it a second later and let him in to get Niall. I have to say he had bed hed badly.

"I see you styled your hair today!" I said messing it up.

"YES I HAVE NOW U SHALL BE SHUNNED BY KEVIN FOR MESSING IT UP" He said putting on a baby face and pretending to cry.

"Not Kevin." I said fake crying.

Niall then rushed to Louis and Louis and him blowed a kiss and left in a huge hurry. I dont know why.





I'd never tell Niall would be like this. Is your bestfriend like this?

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