Irish is Good

After Maddie's bestfriend Niall became famous, he has been inviting to his tours and interviews and everything related. Now, after she started having feelings for him, shes wondering if he small childhood wish shouldnt really come tru: to not be irish.


5. Father?

The week went by and me and Niall were just shocked. We barely ever talked. I kept crying myself to sleep but he always told me to stop. One night I got up and went to the bathroom. I threw up.

" Maddz????" Niall screamed.

"Niall help!" I said holding my stomach.

he rushed to me as I was crying. "It hurts" I said.

"Maddz, its okay, this is normal." He said hugging me and as I cried he sung me nobody compares.

The next morning when I woke up we were in bed. I was still hurting but he told me I was okay and the baby was worth it. I hoped so.

"Well Maddz, we were the ones who got drunk" He said laughing.

 I laughed too but then I felt a kick and started crying.

"maddz?" Louis said walking in. The boys all knew already.


"Its okay." He walked up to me while he held the left of my stomach and niall held the left. I almosts cried knowing how my child would have so many caring uncles. I really thought that niall could act like a dad.


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