Irish is Good

After Maddie's bestfriend Niall became famous, he has been inviting to his tours and interviews and everything related. Now, after she started having feelings for him, shes wondering if he small childhood wish shouldnt really come tru: to not be irish.


1. Bestfriend Drama

Do you ever feel like you've lost your bestfriend? Have you ever felt like your bestfriend has too much bestfriends and doesnt have andy time for you at all? Thats exactly how I feel. I just explained my "lovely" life. Everyone says im lucky because I am friends with Niall Horan. But ever since the audition for the xfactor, him and I dont have andy hang outs as much, but now I only think about him because he is the only person who would have actually gone out with me, but now it's just me in life. I texted him like 5 minutes ago that he should come over and his reply: ok.


But no. He said ok instead. And now I am getting another text. He said he is brining food for us. I really need to talk to this guy.

NIalls p.o.v.

I really want to go to Maddies. Last weekend I had to cancel on her because I had to write a song with Louis for the album. It was about her.Its called Nobody Compares. Because she said she doesnt think that I want toi be her friend anymore.:( I love her so much that i had to write a song about her. OH Maddz.

Maddie's p.o.v.


Well NIall should be here soon. I cant believe he didnt cancel like usual. I heard a knock at the door. I got up to answer it and Niall swept me up and hugged me. I smiled because he was acting normal again.

"OMG Maddz I can't believe I am here I havent seen you for 2 weeks! WE NEED TO PARTY! He turned on the music channel and we danced to a bunch of songs till a One Direction song called NObody Compares came on.

"This is the song me and Lou wrote last week" he said.

"about who?" I asked. Who else? Demi Lavato maybe?

"well........... you." he said

I am shocked.

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