One Direction meets Gossip Girl

What happens if Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam are in the Upper East Side of New York City. The five boys are not One Direction yet. In this story, the boys have grown up on the Upper East Side and are more popular than you can imagine. Years after the Blair and Serena era, we meet their daughters, Lauren Van der woodsen, and Desiree Waldorf. They are faced with the same manipulative blogger that their mothers were plagued with. Gossip Girl never dies, xoxo.


8. The Night Of The Devilish

Desiree looked at Lauren. Then she looked at Zayn, talking to Louis’ sister, Hana. He looked happy. Lauren looked happy, too with Louis’ arms wrapped around her as he whispered something funny into her ear. She realized that everyone was happy now, and they were happy before she was dating Zayn, before she cared, before she lost herself. But were they happy without her? She saw Lauren look up with a hint of sadness in her eyes, and Des knew that she needed to focus on her friendship with her best friend. She would always have feeling for Zayn, but she couldn’t be with him until she learned how to be herself with him. Besides, Zayn was now looking all happy with Hana, and she knew they had been friends for a long time.

Lexi looked on as Niall danced with Jemma. She told him that he could have a dance with her just to try to prove to herself that there was nothing between them anymore. But as she watched them dancing, she knew that there was still something there. She stood there and the past six months she had given everything to Niall. She had lost a lot of her friends because she gave up a lot of her time to be with Niall. She never regretted it though. Not only did her parents absolutely adore him (they were politicians, and rarely approved of anyone) but she also felt for him. He was so sweet to her and they had so much in common. They had spent many Sundays just sitting in her room cuddling and watching movies. Granted, when he first asked her out she was SO shy and they had trouble speaking. He never seemed to have trouble speaking with Jemma. But as time went on, she grew into their relationship, and it had changed her, and made her a better person. Tears welled up in her eyes and she ran into the washroom with Kat trailing behind her.

Kat had been dancing with Harry, arguing, trying to pretend like nothing was wrong when she saw Lexi run out. He was STILL going on about Liam. He was still questioning whether it was right for him to go out with his classmates younger sister. He just liked her. A lot. He was very confused, and he was taking it out on Kat. She really was getting tired of it. But every time he smiled his beautiful smile, she couldn’t help but want to work things out with him. She didn’t want Liam to be right about Harry breaking her heart. But the only reason that he would break her heart was because of the stuff Liam put in his head.

“It’s ok Lexi,” Kat held her in her arms and let her cry, “you don’t even know for sure if he has feelings for her.” Lexi just shook her head and looked at Kat. She didn’t want to talk about this anymore.
“What about you and Harry?” Her voice wavered, ” have you worked it out yet?” Kat looked at the floor. She honestly had no idea what was going to happen with Harry. It hadn’t been very long, but he had completely charmed her. But he was Harry Styles, so of course he had charmed her! Her eyes started to rim with tears, but then she shook her head and wiled the thought out of her mind. It wasn’t over yet, and she was now a part of the Upper East Sides most popular friend group, goddammit! She wasn’t about to let him go now! She stood up and adjusted her top. She looked in the mirror, and flashed herself a smile. This was not over.

Linn looked up at Sam. He was nice enough, she thought. Why not? Liam was acting like he owned her now that they were “together” and it bothered her. Sam pulled her closer, and she rested her chin on his shoulder. She looked past him and saw Liam, dressed up as the 5 year old version of himself. She couldn’t help but smile. He was so cute. He gave her a pleading look, and she excused herself from Sam. He reluctantly let her go. As she reached Liam, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” began playing.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered into her ear, and grabbed her by the hips, “I have been waiting so long for you to be mine, and when Sam Bass started paying so much attention to you, I snapped. I got jealous, because you’re too good for him. Hell, you’re too good for me, but I NEED you Linn, I really do!” He pleaded to her. She looked at him and smiled. Yes, she liked the attention from Sam, but Liam was where she belonged, and she wouldn’t just give that up for some guy with a lot of money. She filled the space between them, pushing her body against his, and kissed him, hard, on the lips. All was forgiven.

Niall had ended his dance with Jemma, he had fun, but he missed Lexi. He found her sitting near the snack table, looking upset. He took her by the hand and kissed it. She looked into his eyes and saw the love. She couldn’t deny it. He was still madly in love with her, and wasn’t leaving her anytime soon. She pulled him into a hug, and they stayed there for a long time.

Lauren approached Desiree, and Desiree braced herself to get bitched out. She deserved it and she knew it. But instead she got a sad, “why?” And the old Lauren was there with her. Desiree took a deep breath. “I was jealous. It was stupid, but I was jealous. You’re the beautiful one Lauren, I feel like I have to fight to be noticed. It’s hard living in your shadow, and when I saw that you were with Zayn and he had blown me off, I got mad. It’s a bad excuse, but it’s the only truth I have. Oh, Lauren, I’m so sorry about Elton. You know how much I love the kid. He’s only a year younger than us, but I love him like a brother. I’m so sorry. And with Zayn, I didn’t mean to take him from you. He just kissed me, and I couldn’t stop myself. I had been in love with him for as long as you had. He makes me so happy, Lauren!” She looked at the ground. Lauren took Desiree’s hand.
“It’s ok,” she said, “I really suck at being mad at you. And you can have Zayn, Louis’ fabulous.” She smiled and looked at Louis. He made her feel whole. Desiree smiled, she loved seeing Lauren happy, it gave her butterflies. And in her angel costume, she really did look angelic. She grabbed her and pulled her into a big hug.
“But in all seriousness,” she looked at Lauren seriously, “I think I need to figure myself out before I start things up with Zayn again. Besides, he looks happy with Hana.” She glanced over at Zayn and Hana, slow dancing with each other, and laughing at some inside joke. She’d be with him again someday, but today was not the day. Lauren linked arms with Des and dragged her back to her friends. “Call Me Maybe” started playing, and everyone ran onto the dance floor.

Louis twirled Lauren around, and then pulled her into him.
“That was really good of you,” he said lovingly, “to forgive her like that.” She just smiled at him and kissed him.
With all her friends dancing with their boyfriends, and Zayn with Hana, Desiree was alone. She felt a tap on her shoulder. Sam Bass. He held out his hand for her to take it. She just laughed and let him pull her into him. Guess he was already over Linn. And she felt comfortable in her old friends arms.

“Gossip Girl here. Looks like all ended well. I’m surprised to be honest. I was counting on L bringing on the drama, but it looks like E’s condition has brought out the “YOLO” in her.

SB had his eye on D now? I guess that’s good, seeing as Z is now into male L’s little sis. Things are going to get interesting.

All is well. For now. Xoxo gossip girl”

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