One Direction meets Gossip Girl

What happens if Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam are in the Upper East Side of New York City. The five boys are not One Direction yet. In this story, the boys have grown up on the Upper East Side and are more popular than you can imagine. Years after the Blair and Serena era, we meet their daughters, Lauren Van der woodsen, and Desiree Waldorf. They are faced with the same manipulative blogger that their mothers were plagued with. Gossip Girl never dies, xoxo.


5. The Build Up


“Gossip Girl here. It’s a beautiful September day, and Manhattan’s elite are getting ready for their third week back at school. Somehow the Kiss on the Lips party has shaken up the social ladder of the Upper East Side, and two grade 9 girls have joined L while she sits on her throne. That’s right. I said L. Let us all be honest here and admit that L is the one every boy lusts after, L is the one dating an older boy, and L’s mother S was the it girl of Manhattan in her time. It’s in L’s blood.

Spotted: D and Z sprinting through Central Park the morning after Kiss on the Lips. Still wearing their outfits from the night before. Who’s guessing that the two of them had a nice little sleep over last night?

Sunday afternoon I spotted LP and Linn at Brooklyn’s finest bookstore, giggling like two little girls. Cute. But not like I’d ever be caught dead in Brooklyn, but I have my resources. 

K and H on the steps of the Met looking at each other lovingly. They were later joined by A and N, and Lsquared. Looks like our It girl is really building herself a nice little army. Here’s betting that D has some tricks up her sleeve as well. I’m excited for this years events now that D and L are having their little power struggle. I’d bet my new Fendi that Z will somehow be caught in the middle of this.

You know you love me, xoxo gossip girl”

Lauren walked into Constance with Alex and Kat trailing behind her. They enjoyed her company, but they were still a little scared of this gorgeous 10th grader. She had the power to make them, or break them. Even so, they followed her into the school, enjoying the looks that they were recieving from the other girls. When Lauren saw Desiree she ran up to her hugging her.

“I know I texted you already, but the party was awesome!” She giggled. Desiree would learn how to share the spotlight. She linked arms with Des, and pulled her to their first class, waving goodbye to her little friends.

At lunch, Harry spotted Kat. He waved her over, and she happily greeted him, planting a kiss on his lips. He took her into his arms and held her there. He couldn’t believe that he finally had her. And he wasn’t about to let her go. Just then, Kat spotted Lauren and waved her over. Harry rolled his eyes. Lauren was never very interested in things for very long. She would become obsessed, and then dump the object of her obsession as soon as the next best thing came along. He had warned Louis, who didn’t seem to care, and he would warn Kat too. He didn’t want to be the one to pick up the pieces when Lauren decided she was done with Kat. He would always be there for her, he just had to do all that he could to make sure Lauren never lost interest in Kat.

Lauren made her way over to the two love birds. She actually liked Kat very much. She may be young, but she was a lot of fun to be around, and very very clever. There was something about Kat that just kept her guessing, and she really liked that. When she got to them, someone hugged her from behind. She squeeled, turned around, and saw Louis, and all his beauty. Perfect Louis, who was so patient with her, and let her go on and on for hours about how her nail polish was chipping, and sometimes he even listened to her speak of Zayn and Desiree. He loved listening to her talk, and he wanted her to know that he would always be there for her. He had heard the warnings that he was just a play thing to her, but the care and attention she gave him was intoxicating. You didn’t just give someone all that attention just to play them. He knew what they had was real, and it was only just the begining. Although, he was a little afraid of her fight for power at the moment. He had seen what Desiree was capable of, and Lauren was running on pure motions and no rationality right now, from her younger brother, Elton just getting diagnosed with Lukemia,(she had only told Louis, not even Desiree about it) to feeling like she had just lost two of her best friends. She was crying for attention, and Louis wished there was some way of him showing her that he was capable of gving her that attention.

Liam and Linn sat side by side, completely in sync with their sandwich switching. Things weren’t too different now that they were dating. Liam still joked around with  and they still talked about the same things. They wouldn’t really show affection much until they were behind closed doors. Liam didn’t mind, and neither did Linn. They liked rrangement. But what got to Liam was that Sam Bass was after his girl. He was always staring at Linn, and making plays at her. He was going to have to do something about that. He was going to plan a romantic evening with her.

Lexi waited for Niall to meet her for lunch. He was already 15 minutes late, and she was getting hungry. She sighed as she sat down on a bench, alone. The girls looked at her and motioned for her to join them, but she just shook her head, insisting that Niall would show up at any minute. When he did finally show up, he was with some girl. Lexi thought her name was Jemma. She didn’t know the girl too well, other than the fact that Jemma was known for her love for animals, and doing the right thing for the earth. One of those girls. She stood up as Niall approached and gave him a look. He immediately said good bye to Jemma, and then took Lexi into his arms.

“Sorry baby,” he said kissing the side of her head, “she kept asking me to join her protest group. It’s actually quite interesting.” She just looked at him and shrugged. He knew she was a little mad at him for being late, so her took her into his arms once again and gave her a long hard kiss, so everyone could see he was still very much in love with her. She smiled, he was still hers. For now.

Desiree couldn’t eat. She sat in Zayn’s arms watching as everyone flaunted over Lauren. This was not good. All she had wanted was Zayn, but her mind flashed back to the last year:

“I really like him!” Lauren exclaimed, smiling to herself. She pulled her long legs to her chest, and hugged her knees. Lauren was telling Desiree all about how Zayn had finally kissed her. Desiree wanted to be happy for her best friend, she really did, but she was jealous. She too wanted to be with Zayn, but it looked as if her best friends beauty had won again. She would push her feelings aside for Lauren.

Zayn came to her house very upset. Lauren had blown him off. He had seen her flirting with the hot senior, Robbie Archibald, the very senior that had bullied Desiree years before. Desiree let him in, and tried to console him, although she was a little mad at Lauren because she thought they still shared a mutal hate for Robbie. As the night went on, one thing led to another, and Zayn had kissed her. She pulled away, inquiring about her friend. They may be upset with her, but could they hurt her in this way?

two weeks later, it was finally the end of grade 9, and summer time for the three of them. Desiree watched as Zayn splashed water on Lauren’s perfect figure. She stood up, and walked back into the house to get a drink. She couldn’t handle this. As she moved on to her second drink, Zayn approached her. He told her of how he hadn’t kissed Lauren since the night that they had kissed. Desiree was loyal, and sweet, and he wanted her. He kissed her right then and there. So caught up in their kiss, they almost didn’t notice the dropping of a plate. Lauren stood there like a deer caught in headlights. As soon as they noticed her, she picked up her stuff and ran.

But they had put that in the past, hadn’t they? Desiree guessed not. Lauren hadn’t even invited Des and Zayn to eat with her at lunch. This just wasn’t right. She knew that the way things had started with Zayn wasn’t right, but he chose HER, and that wasn’t her fault. Lauren was getting way in over her head, and Desiree was going to do everything in her power to stop her.

“Spotted: L leaving the clinic with some pain meds. Not this again. We all remember the summer still when L’s partying got out of control. The last thing that girl needs to do is end up in the tabloids again.

N and the earthy chick, little J hanging out in the park. What’s this? Where is A? If she can’t have him, no one else can. Watch out girls.

Linn in line for a cab, rolling her eyes as S (sam bass) tries to woo her again. As a Bass, we know that he won’t be giving up anytime soon. And then S wants something, he gets it. Watch out LP….

D sitting on the steps of the met, eating a fruit parfait all alone. Even Z wasn’t there to make her look a little more wanted.

K and LP walking to the subway station, deep in discussion. Is he scolding her yet again? As if K would ever listen to him…But what if she does? Watch out, H.

xoxo gossip girl”

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