One Direction meets Gossip Girl

What happens if Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam are in the Upper East Side of New York City. The five boys are not One Direction yet. In this story, the boys have grown up on the Upper East Side and are more popular than you can imagine. Years after the Blair and Serena era, we meet their daughters, Lauren Van der woodsen, and Desiree Waldorf. They are faced with the same manipulative blogger that their mothers were plagued with. Gossip Girl never dies, xoxo.


4. I Love To Hate You


Liam was about to shove at Harry when Linn stepping in between the boys. 

“Liam,” she said crossly, “I want to go home now. You can come with me or not, but leave the poor guy alone. I’m sure your sister can take care of herself.” And then she turned around and headed to the coat check. She didn’t know what was happening to her. All her blood was rushing to her cheeks, and she felt her eyes burn. She was beginning to cry over Liam, something she had never done before. It was all so new to her. As she approached the man with her ticket stub. she heard someone calling her name.

“Linn!” Liam called after her. He hadn’t even realized that he had been ignoring her, he was just so caught up in making sure his sister would be ok. Styles just wouldn’t back off! But now seeing Linn upset, he knew that he had more important things to take care of: his beautiful Linn. Well she wasn’t technically his yet, but he knew now, more than ever that he wanted her to be his. He ran up to her, panting.

“please don’t leave Linn,” he pleaded, “I promise, no more Styles, or Kat, or anyone else. just us.” He gave her his best puppy dog look, and she couldn’t resist. She let him take her by the hand and guide her to the dance floor.

Zayn pulled Desiree into a private room. She was cross, and he knew that. He shouldn’t have been dancing with Lauren, now that he was with Des. And seeing her here, he knew that he really did love Des. It was just a good bye dance with Lauren. 

“Why were you dancing with her Zayn?” she was upset. she knew she shouldn’t be upset as she was because Lauren was her best friend, but she couldn’t help but want him all to herself. She wasn’t even being selfish. For years she remembered always feeling like a third wheel in Lauren and Zayn’s friendship. She remembered the time when Robbie Archibald told her she wasn’t pretty enough, and Zayn took her by the hand and told her she was the most beautiful girl in the world. She remembered the first time that they had kissed and how it made her feel so alive. She had been in love with him forever and now that she had him, she would fight to keep him. 

“It meant nothing babe,” he realized it was true, “honest. She was just all alone, and you were doing event things. She is our best friend. But you are my girlfriend and, I…. well I love you.” Desiree looked up at Zayn in suprise. She knew how she felt, but she had no idea Zayn felt just the same. All was forgiven when he uttered those 3 little words. So what if Lauren was trying to steal her crown, she had Zayn and that’s all she needed. She threw her arms around Zayn and kissed him.

“Zayn I love you too!” He smiled triumphantly and kissed her back.

Lauren walked around the party, aimlessly looking around for Louis. She didn’t understand why Des was so mad. She didn’t even want Zayn anymore, she was just his friend. She finally heard his voice coming from a private room.

“We were over a long time ago, Amanda.” He said matter of a factly. The girl with hinm let out a sob.

“You were over me! But I am still not over you!” Lauren pressed her back to the wall. Just what she needed, another guy who had a girl fighting for him. Louis stormed out of the room yelling “it’s over! just accept it!” but he stopped in his tracks when he saw Lauren. She just looked at him, her eyes wide. He grabbed her hand and pulled her aside.

“i’m sorry.” he whispered in her ear, “it’s not what it looks like. we broke up before the summer started and I guess she’s not over it. But I am. I swear. Because Lauren, i really like you.” Lauren looked into his eyes, and she knew that she really liked him too. In the past week they had spent a lot of time with him, and really enjoyed getting to know him. He wasn’t just some rich jock, he was real, and honest, and she liked that about him. Her heart swelled as he grabbed her by the waist. Gravity pulled them together as his lips landed on hers. They stayed like that for a while, not even hearing Amanda sniff past them. She pulled back and linked her fingers in his.

“come on! let’s dance!” and she pulled him to the dance floor, skipping. 

Niall looked at his gorgeous girlfriend. They were cuddled up on the sofa in the private room. They had kissed for a while, but now they were lying in each others arms talking about life. He told her all about his parents divorce and how he hated it whenever they fought. She told him about her older brother, Tom, and how he was almost flunking it at Brown. They were perfectly comfortable just talking for hours. Niall looked at her, thinking of how beautiful she looked tonight. She had gone through great lengths to look the way she did tonight, but even naturally he thought she was a beauty. He felt the need to show his girlfriend off. He stood up and took her hand. 

“come on love!” he said enthusiastically, ” let’s go dance, I want to show you off to the world!” She smiled and followed him, loving the sound of his infectious laugh.

Kat looked at Harry apologetically. She really wanted this to work, but maybe Liam was right, Harry was too old for her. But as he smiled back, she realized maybe it was okay to be wrong. She didn’t always have to listen to her older brother, did she? She put her arms on his shoulder, and began dancing with him, giving her flirtiest smile a shot. Harry couldn’t believe how lucky he was. He was here with the most beautiful girl in the world. He pulled her closer as the DJ started to play another slow song. She looked up at him as he leaned down and kissed her inviting lips. This was the moment they had both been waiting for.

Liam looked up from Linn’s sweet face just in time to see Harry kissing his sister. He burried his rage though, because he didn’t want to upset Linn, and frankly, he’d rather be dancing with Linn anyways. If things went wrong with Harry, he’d just tell Kat ‘I told you so’ and she would have to listen to him next time.  Linn looked up at Liam, and she knew that now was the moment.

LLiam,” she stuttered, ” there’s something i’ve been meaning to tell you all night.” He looked at her, and he knew what was coming. 

“me first,” he grinned at her as he interuppted her, and then he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her. She was suprised at first. but then she melted into his body and kissed him back.

Desiree and Zayn were still holding onto each other on the dance floor when she looked up. She saw Lauren with Louis, smiling and whispering into his ear. Guess she really was over Zayn. The two girls caught each others eyes and gave one another an apologetic wave. As much as they fought, they needed each other.

“Gossip Girl here. As much drama as there was tonight, ecerything seemed to pan out well. No wonder they call it Kiss on the Lips, because there was a lot of kissing going on.

Looks like D and L have made up. We caught that look you two exchanged on the dance floor. 

Did anyone see that sad girl Amanda fleeing the party? Looks like L has won this battle, as i saw her and her male counterpart were seen kissing in a dark corner. Another battle she has won, seems to be in making those 2 grade 9 girls popular.

K and H are still on the dance floor getting frisky. We’re hoping LP is wrong about this one and the two stay together,because I for one think that they are quite cute together. 

Speaking of LP. It seems that him and Linn have stopped being daft and finally gave in to each other. I spied the two of them locking lips on the dance floor.

A and N are a sickingly cute as ever. As much as I hate to admit it, A looked hot tonight. Maybe her and K will replace D and L once they move onto bigger and better things. But there may be trouble in paradise, for I have had my eye on N for a while. Watch out little girl, no one is safe on the Upper East Side.

you know you love me xoxo gossip girl”

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