One Direction meets Gossip Girl

What happens if Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam are in the Upper East Side of New York City. The five boys are not One Direction yet. In this story, the boys have grown up on the Upper East Side and are more popular than you can imagine. Years after the Blair and Serena era, we meet their daughters, Lauren Van der woodsen, and Desiree Waldorf. They are faced with the same manipulative blogger that their mothers were plagued with. Gossip Girl never dies, xoxo.


9. He''s Not Such A B'ass' Anymore


Zayn sat on the couch with Hana. It was the next Saturday, after the Halloween dance. They had been friends for a while because Zayn loved talking to her, she listened very well. He understood why she had so many friends, she was just so kind. And it probably helped that she was Louis Tomlinson’s sister too. He couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was. She didn’t wear any make up, her long lashes framed her eyes nicely, and she had a nice wide smile. But she was Hana. His friend. They did spend a lot of time together though. They went to the hospital a lot and visited Elton. Hana got along with him very well. She would spend hours with him in his room, making him laugh, even right after chemo. Zayn admired her greatly. Hana sat in the chair looking at Elton. They had been friends since they were born. Their moms had been very good friends. But then her mom passed away, but Elton had been there for her the whole time, even when they were to young to really comprehend what death meant, and he was still with her. But now that he was sick she was so scared! She couldn’t stand the thought of going through life without him. They were supposed to grow old as best friends. He was supposed to tell of any jerks that broke her heart. All Hana could do was wait, and believe in him and his strength to get better. As he woke up, she reached over and grabbed his hand.

Lauren and Louis stood outside Elton’s room and watched their younger siblings. They had never met before school because Elton and Hana were linked from before Hana’s dad married Louis’ mom. Lauren looked at Louis and smiled. His arm was around her waist, and he was playing with a button on the side of her pants. His phone buzzed, and suddenly he was saying he had to go. “I’m so sorry babe, I have a soccer game!” he was team captain, and he had already missed a lot of soccer for her, he couldn’t let his team down on their first game of the season, and might already be a bit late for her. She gave him a funny look.

“You’re leaving already?!” she asked him. She wasn’t used to being without him lately.

“Lauren,” Louis cupped her chin in his right hand, “you know I’d rather be with you, but I am the team captain!” she shook her head, she knew she had to let him go. She hugged him hard, and planted a sweet kiss on his lips. She squeezed his hand as if to say good luck.

Desiree got out of her cab just long enough to say bye to Louis as he ran out in a rush. Boys and their soccer. Zayn would be there. Sam too. She shook her head, Zayn was not her priority anymore. Lauren and her friends, and the rest of her life was. And Sam was a nice distraction. She was surprised she had taken such a liking to him. As a Bass and a Waldorf, their families had been friends for a long time, and she used to go out and party with him. At one point she had a crush on the tall, handsome, dark haired boy. But they had never been that close. But now he was showing up at her house in the morning with breakfast and a ride to school. They had hit it off on Halloween and he was extremely sweet to her and showed a lot of interest, but he had just hopped off of pining for Linn, and then started trying to charm her in the same night. Guess there is no harm in getting to know him. When she saw Lauren she felt the weight lift off of her. She didn’t need to worry about boys when she was with her. Desiree was herself, funny, caring, and demanding. The way they had always been with each other.

They watched as Elton and Hana laughed with each other. Desiree examined Hana. She was beautiful, and nice, and obviously kind. Everything Zayn deserved to be with. Hana looked up and saw Desiree. She got up from her perch on Elton’s bed and kissed him on the cheek.

“Hey guys!” she said enthusiastically, “Desiree, can I talk to you for a minute?” Desiree nodded. She didn’t really want to talk to Hana, but Lauren nudged her in the ribs.

“What’s up?” Desiree asked casually, she really didn’t have anything against the younger girl. Hana looked at her seriously. Yes she thought Zayn was gorgeous, but she had seen the way his face lit up when he talked about Desiree. “Zayn is in love with you,” she looked into Desiree’s eyes, ” still. He’s having trouble without you, i think. And I just wanted you to know that I have no intention of stealing him from you. I am just trying to be there for him.” Desiree drank in all the information that Hana had just given her. She nodded.

“thank you, Hana. For sharing this with me, but I am in no condition to be with Zayn right now. I wish, but I need to do some stuff for myself right now. He’s all yours. For now.” the two girls walked back to Lauren, who was not sitting in the room with Elton, they were talking about some big adventure they had been on, and Lauren was making big gestures with her arms, as Elton giggled like a little boy, his bright blue eyes glittering with laughter. Zayn stood up, he had just arrived in the waiting room, and just sat down. Off all the people that could be walking together, he was surprised to see Hana and Desiree together. His head swirled with thoughts. He was taken off guard to see Desiree, she looked amazing, and naturally beautiful. Then his eyes shifted to Hana, her face filled with her beautiful smile and his heart melted. He needed to figure his emotions out! Desiree waved, and smiled. He was about to wave back when he realized that she was waving past him. He turned around to see Bass. Great, not that jerk. Desiree quickened her pace to him, when she got to him he revealed a dozen red roses and presented them to her. She threw her arms around him and Zayn heard her giggle at something he said. She ran back to grab her coat and say good bye to Lauren, who gave her a long hug. She then went to Hana, and he was surprised when the two girls hugged. When she saw Zayn she smiled and nodded. He watched as Sam put his arm around her and the two left the hospital. He looked at Hana who just shrugged. 

….To be continued…. 

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