One Direction meets Gossip Girl

What happens if Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam are in the Upper East Side of New York City. The five boys are not One Direction yet. In this story, the boys have grown up on the Upper East Side and are more popular than you can imagine. Years after the Blair and Serena era, we meet their daughters, Lauren Van der woodsen, and Desiree Waldorf. They are faced with the same manipulative blogger that their mothers were plagued with. Gossip Girl never dies, xoxo.


10. He''s Not Such A B'ass' Anymore Part Two


Liam was still in bed. He didn't want to get up today. Him and Linn had a big fight last night. They never fought before they started dating. But now, they fought all the time. This time it was about Kat. Linn had come over last night with the intention of staying over again, but she had left an hour after getting there. It was 9 at night and Kat was in the living room with Harry watching a chick flick. Her legs were draped over his lap and he had his hand resting on her thigh. Liam heard the knock at the door and let Linn in. When he looked at Harry and his sister, he got protective again. He couldn't help himself. Harry would only be around for so long, but Liam would be there for Kat forever. When he went to scold them, Linn stepped in front of him, telling him to stop. Things escalated from there, and Linn left, feeling hurt. If it were her, she wouldn't want her older brother getting in the way. Harry actually seemed very sweet to Kat and extremely interested. Liam needed to let Kat make decisions for herself. And it led her to thinking that he needs to let Linn make decisions for herself too. She knew that the only reason why he was being controlling was because he cared so much, but needed to learn how to control himself! Liam heard a knock on his bedroom door, and he snapped out of the memory of last night. Maybe it was Linn! But instead, Harry poked his head in, followed by his sisters.

"Liam?" Kat said timidly, she wasn't used to standing up to her brother, "we need to talk to you." And then she look thoughtfully to Harry.

"Liam, man," Harry cleared his throat, he had a speech all prepared, but his mind was blank, "I know that this might be weird for you, and I don't have the best history with girls, but I really like your sister. And I believe that she likes me too. And we've talked about this a lot, and there is no way that we are going to break up now. You can fight it all you want, yell all you want, or you can just accept this, and be happy. Because if you fight this, you're the only one that's going to be upset." He let out a sigh of relief. He had gotten it all off his chest. He looked at Kat and smiled.

"It's true Liam," she looked at him desperately, she was tired of this fighting, "there is no way we will stop our relationship because you won't give this a chance. It's unfair, and it's even ruining your relationship with Linn. You need to accept this, and deal with your own life. Please." She pleaded to him. They finished their speeches, and left Liam with his thoughts. They were right, and he knew it. He had to figure his stuff out, or he'd lose his sister and Linn. He picked up the phone and dialed her number. Linn had just hung up the phone after a 2 hour long conversation with Liam. This was all so much harder than she thought it would be, but when she thought about it, he was worth it. She felt so lonely when she was fighting with him. When they were just friends she always felt a part of her was missing, but it all came together now that he was hers. She couldn't wait to see him again. She grabbed her jacket and headed out the door.

Lexi and Niall sat in the cafe, opposite of Jemma. Obviously Niall and Jemma's friendship meant a lot to Niall, so Lexi thought she should at least try to get to know her. It was awkward, and all of them were afraid to talk. Niall kept trying to bridge the gap between them all, but it just wasn't working. Lexi suddenly got up. This was too weird. Jemma was nothing like her. Lexi felt stupid compared to Jemma. While she was trying to talk about brand names, and who was dating who, Jemma was talking about human rights, animal rights, and laws. That was the kind of girl Niall was meant for. She made up some lame excuse, and then booked it. 

Zayn and Hana sat in his room, they had just gotten back from the hospital. He was exhausted, but they popped in a movie anyways. As the movie started, he took her into his arms, and they fell asleep that way. 

"Spotted: LP and Linn having a major make out sesh in the middle of Times Square. Glad to know the two of them are still working, and SB's charms didn't work on her.

H and K having a celebratory cupcake. Guess they won't have to worry about jealous brothers anymore.

Z and Hana walking to his apartment. We always though Hana had a thing for E, but sometimes Gossip Girl is wrong. Sometimes.

L at L's soccer game. She was cheering him on like no other. His team took a nice victory, and rumor has it, they were all trying to show off for her."

A leaving a coffee shop in tears. And N and J having coffee in that very cafe. Need I say more?

D and SB feeding the ducks together. They look kind of cute, but how long can Z and D really stay away from each other. I must say, SB is a completely different guy around D. Was she able to bring out the good in him. I feel like history is repeating itself a bit here. Let's hope he doesn't trade her for a hotel though. 

There may be happy endings right now, but with the Children's Foundation ball coming up, there is bound do be some mix ups. And right after that, the exchange students arrive. There's always a few of them that shake things up. I can't wait to meet them." Xoxo gossip girl"

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