One Direction meets Gossip Girl

What happens if Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam are in the Upper East Side of New York City. The five boys are not One Direction yet. In this story, the boys have grown up on the Upper East Side and are more popular than you can imagine. Years after the Blair and Serena era, we meet their daughters, Lauren Van der woodsen, and Desiree Waldorf. They are faced with the same manipulative blogger that their mothers were plagued with. Gossip Girl never dies, xoxo.


2. Drama Queen Bee

Chapter Two: Drama Queen Bee
Lauren and Desiree sat on Desiree’s bed, looking at GossipGirl on Des’ laptop.
“Spotted: D and L shopping at Barney’s. Getting their new outfits for the Kiss on the Lips party next Friday night? We all know D is going to try and make her “cute” look “sexy”. And the girl may be hosting, but it’s common knowlege that L WILL be the centre of male attention, as always. Well maybe not Z’s attention anymore…xoxo gossip girl.”
Was she trying to stir up trouble? Gossip Girl was always trying to make Desiree and Lauren’s friendship more complicated, like she wanted them to stop being friends, or Des to break up with Zayn. But in truth, they were shopping at Barney’s. Des was so excited for the Kiss on the Lips party! Her mom had organized it when she was at Constance, and now it was Desiree’s turn to plan the monster party. With Lauren and Zayn on her side, she was bound to throw the party of the year…until her next event. Her and Lauren were just polishing up the invite list, when Lauren got a text from Louis.
“He wants me to invite…Alex and Kat?” Lauren said, scrunching her face, “those two grade 9 girls?” Neither of the girls had anything against Alex and Kat. In fact they had already seen them as prospects to take the reigns after Des and Lauren graduated, but the girls were not ready yet. But Lauren didn’t want to upset Louis. Des sighed, and added the two younger girls to the email list, and then hit send. Five minutes later the two girls had already emailed that they would be attenting. Desiree just rolled her eyes, as Lauren thought that it might be nice to add some fresh faces to the group. She was sick of all of Desiree’s ass kissing minions. She’d like some followers of her own, and Alex and Kat might be the perfect trainee’s.
The next day, Lauren spotted Alex and Kat in the hallway. She smiled and motioned for them to approach her. The two girls nervously walked up to Lauren. She gave them her sweetest smile, and invited them to eat with her at lunch that day. She would meet them in the courtyard.
Liam was distracted from his conversation with Linn when he saw his sister eating with one of the most popular girls at school, Lauren van der Woodsen. He had only really talked to Lauren once, and she didn’t seem as bad as one would think. She was actually a little bit quiet compared to her best friend Desiree. She seemed very intelligent. But even so, he didn’t know if it was wise for his sister to be hanging out with a party girl like Lauren. Linn looked at Liam, sighing. They had both somehow gotten invited to the Kiss on the Lips party, and they were going together, but were they going “together”? She wasn’t quite sure. She knew that Gossip Girl liked to talk about how her and Liam should be together, but she wasn’t sure how she felt about him. Her thoughts were confusing her, and so was the outside pressure. How could one anonymous person be so powerful? Liam bit his lip in the way he did whenever he was concerned. She looked up to observe what he was seeing, and she saw that Harry Styles was now standing next to Kat. This was not good. Liam got up from the bench, and approached them.
“Styles,” Liam said in his deep voice, “can I talk to you, man?” Harry turned to see Liam with a very serious look on his face. He knew this talk was bound to happen sometime soon. Kat looked at Harry, then to her brother, then back to Harry. This couldn’t be good. Harry followed Liam to the corner of the courtyard.
“Listen Styles,” Liam said, “I know you think you’re some hot stuff, and I respect you and your talent on field. But you have to stay away from my sister, because I swear to god, if you hurt her….” He trailed off, not even wanting to think of his sister getting her heart broken.
“Liam,” Harry cut him off anyways, “I get it. But your sister is a nice girl. I’m just getting to know her. Innocent. I promise.” And then he turned on his heel and walked back towards his group of friends. Louis, Alex, and Niall had now joined the group. Niall had his arm casually around Alex’s shoulders, and Louis was sitting next to Lauren, his hand on her knee. Loooked like Lauren and Louis really hit it off. Once upon a time, Harry and Lauren had been a thing, but that was all in the past, for Harry liked Kat now, and Lauren obviously was into Louis. As Harry reached the group, Kat looked up at him with ehr big beautiful eyes. How was he supposed to not fall for her?
Louis was close enough to Lauren that he could smell her shampoo. It was delicious. He watched her as she watched her surroundings. He liked that about her. She could just sit there, and drink everything in, not saying a word, but the conversation and attention somehow always came back to her. She was intelligent, calm, and attentive. She was so hard not to like. He leaned over and whispered in her ear.
“You may have been asked already, but do you want to go to Kiss on the Lips with me?” She smiled and nodded, still watching the conversations around her. She knew that Harry had already invited Kat to go with him, and Niall to Alex. Desiree and Zayn were showing up together.
“Girls!” She stood up, smiling, “how would you like to come over on the day of the kiss on the lips party and get ready? I’m sure you could fit into some of my stuff.” She gave them a stunning smile, and they couldn’t refuse. She turned to the boys, “pick us up at 8.” As she stepped down from the bench, the bell rang, and she hooked arms with the girls, and the three of them walked away giggling.
Desiree sat with her minions, Lola, Amelia, and Kaitlin. She watched as Lauren walked away with the two grade 9 girls, obviously loving the attention. Was Lauren trying to make a play at her crown?!

It was the night of the Kiss on the Lips party. Desiree was just about to put on her lipstick when the door to her room opened. Zayn! She put down the lipstick tube and ran into his arms.
“You look gorgeous,” he said, giving her a long kiss on the lips, “wait until everyone see’s you!” She walked to the mirror and took herself in. She was wearing a backless, gold dress, that fell just above her knees. She matched it with a simple silver chain, nude pumps, and put her hair in a nice updo. She looked good and she knew it. But even in gold, could she outshine Lauren?
Zayn serveyed his girlfriend in the mirror as well. She had never looked so beautiful. Her looks were classic, and the chain necklace helped play that up. He put his hand on her back, loving the feel of her soft skin. She had always been the one for him, and he was so glad to have her.
Lauren, Alex, and Kat looked at themselves in the mirror. Alex was wearing a curve hugging black dress, with white heels, and her hair curled, and she looked HOT. Kat had on a beige, almost nude maxi dress. It was backless, and she didn’t even need to accesorize with it. She put on a pair of matching nude stilletos and let her hair fall naturally, looking a bit like Lauren. Lauren had on a revealing red mini dress. It showed off her long, elegant legs, and a generous amount of clevage. Yet she still managed to look extremely classy. Alex and Kat couldn’t believe how lucky they were to be friends with Lauren.
Linn waited in her room for Liam to pick her up. She was so nervous. She had on a blue maxi with black pumps. She was planning on telling Liam that she might possibly have feelings for him that night. She was so used to telling him everything, that she didn’t think that she could keep this from him much longer. She might as well go ahead and tell him herself, before gossip girl somehow managed to tell the world.
“Gossip Girl here. I am looking forward to seeing those of you are were lucky enough to be attending the Kiss on the Lips party tonight. I will be there looking as hot as ever, don’t worry.
D and L are not attending this event together, as D is going with Z. What a suprise. No wonder L has taken to dragging along two grade 9’s with her. But we have to admit, those two grade 9’s have been getting a lot of positive attention lately… And we can see the L is LOVING the attention. Could this be a new struggle for the Queen Bee position?
H, male L, and N are all going for younger girls. But rumour has it LP tried to tell H off today in the courtyard. Did he really think he could stop H from getting what he wanted? Come on LP, you’re not that niave.
Speaking of LP, we’re excited to see him show up with his DATE, his fellow scholarship-er Linn. Again, took them long enough!
But all in all, we are excited to see the power struggle between D and L. Bitches be crazy, especially when it comes to the crown…
xoxo Gossip Girl”
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