One Direction One Shots

Comment if you want one:

Your name,
What boy,
Hair color,
Eye color,
Are you short or tall,
Do you want it sweet, nice, sad and then happy, or something else (please specify)
I will not do dirty imagines.
Thank you.
-Lexie Horan <3 x


3. Madison and Louis :)

Madison POV:

Me and Louis were cuddling on the couch together. I was thinking about my mum when Lou started tickling me. I started laughing, "Lou! Babe! Stop!!" He kept on tickling me, "NOPE!!!" I giggled. My phone rang, "Hahahahaha. Now you HAVE to get off of me, boi!" He sighed in defeat and got off of me. I walked over to my pink iPhone that was on the table, "Hello?" My sister was on the other line, "Mad....Madison.'s mum!"

Louis POV:

She picked up her iPhone. Her beautiful blue eyes were sparkling, which meant she was about to start crying. I looked at her, my eyes wide. Her mum was in the hospital. She had cancer. I pray nothing happened to her. I looked up at her. She smiled, and mouthed, "Nothing's wrong." I nodded, and walked to the kitchen, making us some lunch. By the time I came back in the living room, her phone was smached, she wasn't in the living room, and I heard sighs and cries coming from the bathroom. I ran to her, "Madison!!!!" She didn't answer. I got scared. The

Madison POV:

I can't live without her. She's... dead. I love her. I love her so much. No, this can't be. I ran to the bathroom, after throwing my phone against the wall. I locked the door, and got my razor out of the shower. Louis is... perfect to me. No, I'm not going to die. I'm not going to go that far. I looked at my reflection. By this time, Louis was knocking at the door, crying with me. I looked down at my wrist, the newly forming scar that will haunt me forever. Soon, I was sitting against the wall, my head against the door. I head Louis curse, and then slowly open the door with the key. I moved out of his way, and looked up at him.

Louis POV:

She... she cut herself. I ran to her side, "Madison!!" She cried. I grabbed the razor from her hand, and cut my own wrist. She yelled at me, "Why did you do that, Louis?! Are you crazy?!" I cried some more, "No. If you cut, I will too! I can't stand loosing you, Madison! I love you so much." I leaned in and kissed her.

You two kiss and then make up.

He soon asked you to marry him,

and you live happily in London with your 4 other best friends :)


Madison, I hope you like it! I didn't really know how to make it sad. I hope this is okay.

-Lexie Horan


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