One Direction One Shots

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Your name,
What boy,
Hair color,
Eye color,
Are you short or tall,
Do you want it sweet, nice, sad and then happy, or something else (please specify)
I will not do dirty imagines.
Thank you.
-Lexie Horan <3 x


4. Lottie and Niall :)

Niall POV:

I was going to pick Lottie up for a movie. She was my best friend. We weren't dating, but I have always loved her more than a friend. I never wanted to explain that I had a crush on her, because she has a boyfriend. I sighed and said to myself, "She'll never feel the same way about you, Niall. Stop being stupid!!" I stopped at Lottie's house, and got out, walking up to her house she bought here in London just about a month and a half ago.

Lottie POV:

I was sitting on the couch, crying. I heard a doorbell ring, and realized that today was Friday. Me and Niall were going to the movies. Crap. I got up, and started walking towards the door. Once I unlocked the door, I saw Niall standing there, his big blue eyes were looking straight into mine. I ran into his chest and started crying harder.

Niall POV:

Lottie ran into my chest. At first I thought she was really excited about seeing me, then I realized she was crying. I held her in my arms and hugged her tight. I made her look me in my eyes, "What's wrong, babe?" She tried to talk, "J..J..Josh." I clenched my fists. Josh broke up with her. I carried her to the couch, "Here. You go put on your pajamas, and I'll be right back. Deal?" She nodded, and walked upstairs.


I came back to her house, wearing my USA onsie. I was carrying popcorn, icecream, The Notebook, The Titanic, and other chick flicks that I knew she loved. I also had tissues. She came downstairs with her hair up in a ponytail, and her makeup was staining her face. She was wearing her Ireland onesie. We bought them at the same time. I bought a USA one because she used to live there, and she bought a Ireland one becaues I used to live there. I smiled, and wrapped her up in my arms. We both sat on the couch, and she poured her heart out. I smiled at how much she trusts me. Josh is a jerk. How could he break up with a girl as prefect as Lottie. I need to tell her how I felt. But how? That's when it hit me! I ran to her room and grabbed my guitar.

Lottie POV:

He ran upstairs. Once he came downstairs, he grabbed his guitar he left here from yesterday. He began to sing:

One less Lonely girl

One less lonely girl

one less lonely girl

how many I told ya's and start overs and shoulders have you cried on before

how many promises be honest girl

how many tears you let hit the floor

how many bags ya pack just to take him back tell me that

how many either or's but no more

if you let me inside of your world

there'll be one less lonely girl oh no

I saw so many pretty faces

now all I see is you


He put his guitar down, and by this time, I was crying, but it was happy tears. I jumped into his arms, "Niall, I.."

He interuppted me, and we both said

"I love you"

at the same time.

He smiled, "Will you be my girlfriend, Lottie?"
I smiled and kissed him,

"Does that answer your question?"
He smiled,

"I can fix up your broken heart, I can give you a brand new start."


Lottie, I hope you like it :)

-Lexie Horan



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