One Direction One Shots

Comment if you want one:

Your name,
What boy,
Hair color,
Eye color,
Are you short or tall,
Do you want it sweet, nice, sad and then happy, or something else (please specify)
I will not do dirty imagines.
Thank you.
-Lexie Horan <3 x


5. Ellie and Liam :)

Ellie POV:

I woke up on August 5th. My birthday! I can't believe Liam took off work JUST because it was my birthday! :) He's so sweet! I turned over and noticed he wasn't in the bed. I sat up, "Babe?" He didn't answer. I looked at my phone. There was a new text.

From: Daddy Direction :) <3 x

Happy birthday babe. Something came up :( Sorry. I love you. Go look in the kitchen ;) xxx -Liam

A tear began to form in my eye. He wasn't here. But, it was my birthday. Just because he wasn't here doesn't mean I can't have a good time. I walked into the kitchen, as I was told, and there was a huge pile of presents on the couch. All from the boys and the fans. I giggled. There was a huge teddy bear. I walked over to it, and since nobody was home, I sat on it's lap, pretending it was Liam. I kissed the bears nose, "I love you Liam." Once I sat down, I heard somebody say, "Ow!" I got up, and grabbed my softball bat that was sitting on the table, "Who are you and what are you doing in my house?" Sure enough, somebody laughed. I rolled my eyes, "Y'all are here?!" Liam popped up behind the bear and had on Niall's 'Free Hugs' shirt. I ran into his arms, "Thank you." Soon enough, all the boys were in a big group hug, with me and Liam in the center.


Ellie I hope you loved it!!!<3  I used my birthday haha. :)

-Lexie Horan x

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