One Direction One Shots

Comment if you want one:

Your name,
What boy,
Hair color,
Eye color,
Are you short or tall,
Do you want it sweet, nice, sad and then happy, or something else (please specify)
I will not do dirty imagines.
Thank you.
-Lexie Horan <3 x


8. Ciara and Harry :)

Ciara POV:

I can't believe it. I get to go on a date with Harry. I've been besties with Niall since we were kids. Now that he's in a band with Harry, I decided to take a risk and ask Harry out. Well, acutally, I told Niall that I liked Harry, and Harry told Niall he liked me, and then Niall told him to ask me out, which I gladly excepted. :D

He picked me up at exactly 8:01. Casually late. I giggled at how awesome he is, "So, where are we going?"

Harry POV:
"So, where are we going," Ciara asked, her hazel eyes shimmering brightly in the moonlight. I smiled and grabbed her hand, "I can't say." She gasped, and looked at the ground, pretending to be mad at me. I laughed, "Come on, babe. Don't be mad!" She looked at me with a cute little smirk on her face, "Fine." I laughed and interlocked our fingers. Hmmm.. Ciara Styles. Sounds pretty good to me.

Once we got there, I thought everything was going smoothly. I looked at her long brown hair. It was beautiful. I helped her out of the car, and carried her over to the picnic blanket I set out for us, surrounded by flowers and candles. She couldn't say anything. I can't blame her. It was a beautiful sight.

After dinner, I leaned in and kissed her lips. Everything just felt.. right. Perfect. Flawless.


Ciara, I'm sorry it's short. I am about to leave. DON'T HATE ME!!!! :(
-Lexie Horan x

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