One Direction One Shots

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Your name,
What boy,
Hair color,
Eye color,
Are you short or tall,
Do you want it sweet, nice, sad and then happy, or something else (please specify)
I will not do dirty imagines.
Thank you.
-Lexie Horan <3 x


6. Allison and Niall :)

Allison POV:

Niall was at work. I smiled. They were doing an interview. I loved the way Niall sang. He looked right into the camera, and it was like he was me. Niall the Irish Horan. Brother, friend, son, soon to be husband. I am 19. He is 21. So what if there is a little difference. I giggled at the way he said "chinny-chin-chins" Of course, Louis and the boys were picking on him. Then the interviewer asked the question...

"So, Niall, I saw you with a very lucky girl backstage. Who is it?"

They showed a picture of a girl with blonde hair, and green eyes and Niall hugging.

At first I thought it was just a fan. Then I realized... it was his ex... Holly.

I slammed the remote on the couch, threw my engagement ring on the table, and wrote the note.


So I see you love Holly again. Woohoo. Good for you. What am I to you? Just a toy you can mess around with for a while then break into small pieces? Forget you, forget the wedding. We're done, Horan!

-Allison. Not Horan.


Niall POV:

As soon as the interview was over, I went to talk to Holly again, "Hey, sorry about your Mum. I'm glad we can still be friends." She smiled, "It's okay. Tell your fiance I said Hi and congrats!" I smiled, and ran to the car.


When I got home, I smelled Alli's perfume, "Alli?" No answer. I walked up to our room. It was messed up. The picture of me and her was smashed into pieces. My heart hurt. I called her on her cell phone. She didn't answer. I knew where she would be. I went to grab my keys, and on the table, I found the note. I cried. I fell to my knees, "Why did I do this?" I ran to the car, and found Allison at the side of the road, her car not cranked up yet, crying. I ran over to her, "Allison!" I opened the car door and pulled her into a hug, "Listen. Before you say anything." She tried to pull away, but soon gave in and hugged me back. I kissed her forehead, "Holly was here today. I'm guessing you watched SOME of the interview. Her mum has cancer and is probably going to die. She needed a friend and I was there. That's why we were hugging." I could tell her face was getting red. She nodded, "I'm sorry." I smiled, "I love you. And only you. Will you be Mrs. Horan again?" She giggled and pulled me into a long, hard kiss, "Yes."

Hope you liked it! :D

-Lexie Horan x

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