How to deal with school.

Have the boys in your class been teasing you? Are you sick of that one girl in class who hates you and picks on you about your frizzy hair? read here for all the answers I can give you!


1. Popular Girls

We all know how annoying the popular group can be at school right? (Not aiming to offened populars here but hey, most of them ARE annoying and bitchy.) How sometimes they seem so nice, and then they get so unbearble you feel like tearing them limb from limb? here are some tips to avoid that:

1. Try staying out of their way as much as possible, a trivial peice of information but they can't exactly pick on you if you aren't there can they?

2. Try to focus on something that you can do to take your mind off of them eg: drawing

3. Just tell them, it's worked for me.

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