A girl named Megan throws a sleepover and 6 girls come and suprisenly one direction show up and the sleepover was going great till....people start diying


5. Omg!

Nialls pov

We all just ran out of the house and then the fire brigade and the police came and then The police found all of our friends bodies and then they found the killers body,everybody was excited but sad cuz all of the people dies but they were excited cuz we killed the killer and we were wondering who the killer was,one of the officers took off his mask and omg! was......Dave! Megan's step dad,what a dick he is and I can't beleive he killed his own daughter and ex wife! What a dick head he is wow!!!! We all got in the car and drove to the hospital to see Louis and when we got there Emily (em) ran in first and kissed his fore head and then started crying an then Harry came in and hugged her tightly and said "it will be ok em,Louis will live and he will be extremely excited to see you!" and then Harry kissed Emily on the cheek and then let go.

* two weeks later*
Harry's pov
I just got a call from the hospital saying Louis is awake and can go home today! Then I hung up and told all the boys and then I called Emily and told her and she screamed and said k come pick me up now Plz and I said sure I will be there in 5mins!...we got in the car and drive to Emily's house and she jumped in the car and told Niall to drive fast and he did and then in two mins we were there and Emily got out of the car first and ran as fast as she could and then she saw louis and jumped on him and started kissing him passionately and the. I walked in and said get an room! Lol and they started laughing and then we all got into a group hug and then we started talking for an hour and then Louis said "can we go home Plz?" and I said sure I can drive!....when we arrived home Louis asked all of us how we survived and who was the killer and why happened,so we told him the whole story and he said what a dick Dave is and then em said that's exactly what I said we all started laughing and then it was getting late so we went to bed.
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