A girl named Megan throws a sleepover and 6 girls come and suprisenly one direction show up and the sleepover was going great till....people start diying


2. Omg did that really happen?!

So I dunno y but everyone is dying and Im really scared just like everyone on else "did u guys here that high pitched screamed?" I said "yea what was that cuz it wasn't one of us?" I looked out the window and I saw some guys stabbing my mum severel times! I screamed my lungs out as Loud as I could and I ran outside to my mum and said "MUUUUM!! r u alright! She tried to talk but she couldnt and she just died in my arms I was pouring my eyes out. My life is my mum and she was all I had so I had a plan but I wasn't going to tell anyone!....whatever we heard next I was going to check it out and them I would die! Yes that was it! I was going to get my self killed I SAI that as I was still crying! So I ran back in side to all the others and then I heard a smash so rachael said I will go but then I said no I will go I insist so she said fine u go so I started walking to the bathroom and then I saw this guy with a black mask on and he was holding a chainsaw I screamed to run away "no I don't want to die anymore" I said in my mind but he caugh me and put the chainsaw through me and I screamed so hard and then it went black... I died! Racahel came running in and she fell to the floor and started crying because Megan was her best friend
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