A girl named Megan throws a sleepover and 6 girls come and suprisenly one direction show up and the sleepover was going great till....people start diying


4. My house on fire

Liam had and idea he said to everyone "why don't we have someone that wants to die go to the killer when he makes a noise and then while the person goes we set the house on fire and then we kill the killer and then the rest of us live?" and then they all said yes but then James said that he will be the person to die! And then Liam said r u sure James? And then James said yes I'm sure and then their was a smash noise so James went to where the noise came from and screamed and then while he was dying they set the house on fire and ran out of the door they hoped the plan would work.

I'm srry if the story was shot cuz of was my first movella and Plz comment there will be more stories and more to this story so I hope u liked it and yea
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