A girl named Megan throws a sleepover and 6 girls come and suprisenly one direction show up and the sleepover was going great till....people start diying


3. Meeting god

Omg I blacked out because I just died.i woke up not lying in the bathroom not in the hospital not nowhere was bright and then I saw a light so I walked towards the light and then I saw god and I started crying because I knew I died and that that was the end of my life and then I said to god that I wanna go back and I wanna live but he said that's not how life works and he said that he was srry but then I noticed my mum and some of my friends! Omg I'm so happy I get to see my mum becuz they died aslwell and I get to see all my family ! Maybe dying isn't that bad after all lol

"Niall horans pov"
Apparently Megan just died that was a little sad but us 5 boys coming down to see these guys was a bad Idea becuz we r dying omg I just heard a smash then ZAYNE said I will go check it out then abbey said no ZAYNE I love u Soooo much I couldn't let u go.let me go! R u sure ZAYNE said!? Abbey then said YES! I'm sure so abbey went to check what it was and then she screamed and just made it out and ran back to ZAYNE and fell in his arms and ZAYNE said what happened abbey? Then abbey said I saw a guy with a black mask on his face and then he pulled out a knife and he cut my arm but I just made an escape!!! She said puffing and then they heard another noise and then abbey said I'm not going there again and then she started to cry. So em said I will go then and hopefully I make it out alive! She said as she started to walk into the garage and there was the same guy standing there behind the door and then he pulled out and axe abbey screamed and started running around so he couldn't catch her and then Louis ran down to the garage and broke Down the door and came charging in and then he punched the guys face but after he punched him the guy stabbed him in the stomach and then ran away and the em screamed out to the boys and then Niall said that him,Harry and Liam will drive Louis to the hospital ok em said just make sure he is fine because he is my boyfriend and I love him Soooo much!!!!!!!! So the boys took Louis to the hospital and they checked him in and then the doc said that he will have to be in the hospital for about 3 weeks so Niall said ok and then they drove back to the house where they were staying and then they walked through the door and told them the news about Louis and then Harry said where is zac? And then they said he was killed from a knife
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