A girl named Megan throws a sleepover and 6 girls come and suprisenly one direction show up and the sleepover was going great till....people start diying


1. Awesome day

"Megans pov"
"mum can I have a sleepover tonight?" I yell,my mum yells back "yea sure,how many girls?"
"ummmmm 8?" I say back my mum then says "ok but tomorrow they go back home at 2:00pm k?" I then say "thx soooo much and sure I will go and tell them now" "k" I run up stairs to go and get dressed,I put my hair in a messy bun and run out the door . I'm walking to my friend Tamara's hour and I knock 3 times till she answers hi I say hi whats up she says I say I'm having a sleepover tonight with the other girls did u wanna come? Sure what time? she says 6:00 till 2:00 the next day k? I will see u there then?! K bye
*i go to everyone else and say the exact same thing*
*6:00pm sleepover time!*
I get the food out until I here a knock,it's prob Tamara?!
They know again and then I answer hey Tamara hey Megan she says back "go and put your stuff in my room I will be in the living room waiting for the others" "ok"
So Tamara goes and puts her stuff in my bedroom and then she comes and sits down with me....5 mins later I here and other knock and everyone else is standing at the door in a group "wow look who decided to come here together lol" everyone started laughing and them they all came in.
When everyone was playing around I started to stashing was here to see if there was anyone missing.........em is here,Michael is here,James is here,Rae is here, Tamara is here,Sarah is here,Nikita is here,abbey is here,Sammy is here,zac is here,Amelia is here,Kim is here,xanthe is here, I think that's it? Yea everyone is here! :)........shit there r 12 people here and I told my mum 6!! Allwell my mum won't mind "ok let's put on the music " I shouted and every girl started screaming when one direction came on and the boys were like "turn it offfffff!!!!!" a knock just came on the door so I answered it and I can't beleive it was them "ahhhhh"!!! I screamed it was one direction standing there at my door!!! I nearly fainted all the girls started screaming and then they mobbed one direction.
*2 hours later*
It's now 8:30pm and it's getting dark so I shouted who wants to watch a movie? Everyone screamed "meeeeeeeeee!!" do I decided to put on "when a stranger calls" it was scary and then half way between the movie I got a ph call so I answered it and I could here breathing but know one talked and I'm like "cut the bull shit who is it?!" everyone was staring at me.....the person hung up and then I'm like "jerk" Sarah then asked who was that? And I said I dunno know one was talking?!......then the ph rang again and I answered it and this time the person say I'm gonna u and ur friends! I screamed and hung up what was that about? They all said I said back the person that rang before he rang again and said we r all going to die he is goons kill us all! Ahhh the girls screamed and then in the kitchen we heard glass break so Amelia asked if she could go check it out and I said yes I could tell she was scared to bits.she walked into the kitchen and then screamed for her life and we all ran into the kitchen and their was amelian laying on the ground DEAD! Omg I screamed she was stabbed in the stomach severel times I bursted into tears and said who is next and when? We all went back to the living room and sat silently in a circle and then there was a bang in my room so Nikita went up their and then their was silence so we won't up their and she was langing on the floor with glad wrap around her face so she couldn't breath
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