The Way I Changed You!

Becca is new to town and is told by her new friends to stay away from the schools bad boy Zayn Malik. But the thing is Zayn doesn't want to stay away from Becca.
Is Zayn always bad, or is it just a cover up? And will be able to find out who the real Zayn is and be able to show other people too?

Find out in 'The Way I Changed You'


5. You


Becca's P.O.V:


… "The difficult thing is the girl is… you" Zayn stated.


I just looked up him not knowing what to do. To say I never had even the tiniest crush on Zayn would be a lie. i has always thought he was something even though my friends told me to stay away from him. after thinking for a short moment i went and hugged him and he hugged back. I bet he was surprised at my gesture but enjoying it too. 


"Well…" Zayn said slowly.


"Well what…" I said said even slower.


"What are you thinking?" Zayn asked.


"Well where to start. The fact that one of the hottest guys in the whole school who is seen as the total bad boy that every girl wants just said he liked me is a bit shocking." 


I mean how isn this not shocking. Zayn is extremely hot and I am just me, plain old me. I am not one bit how so I don't see what he sees in me.




"Well you see the thing is no guy has ever really liked me at all. I mean i have liked a few guys in the past but never had the courage to talk to them. so to have someone say they like me is just a big shock ok. And also for the person saying they like me to be someone i like is even more shocking." I got out with a huge breath.


"Well how would you like to go out on a date tomorrow night?" Zayn asked with pleading eyes that i just couldn't say no to, so i didn't. i agreed and got his phone number from him and he decided that he would text me though the details of the date later.


Louis P.O.V:


The next morning I woke up with someone sleeping on the spare mattress on the floor. For a second I didn't know who the hell it would be, but when I saw the familiar curls I was fine with it because I knew it was just Harry. It also reminded me of what had happened last night.


*After having Harry tell me what was wrong and me hugging him and ending up letting him stay over the night because after a while he admitted who the person he liked was, I was more than happy to help him get the girl because I knew her better than he did. After that he stayed for dinner and by the time he was going to go home it was too late so i told him he could just sleep on a spare mattress I had laying under my bed, and he did.


That made me so happy. I was going to be able to play matchmaker for Harry. Maybe after this all works out I could get him to help me get the girl I want which is one of his friends Eleanor.


"Well someone must be happy this morning." Harry said cheekily. Oh how much I know Becca is going to love his cheekiness. I know it is something that is going to make her happy.

"Yeah I am." I said looking at him again.



"Well I think we should start up a plan of how be are going to get Becca to like you etc." I stated.


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