The Way I Changed You!

Becca is new to town and is told by her new friends to stay away from the schools bad boy Zayn Malik. But the thing is Zayn doesn't want to stay away from Becca.
Is Zayn always bad, or is it just a cover up? And will be able to find out who the real Zayn is and be able to show other people too?

Find out in 'The Way I Changed You'


13. Talking


A/N: Sorry about the short chapter. I just wanted to get something up because I haven't been updating that often. Also if any of you have an idea of what I could change the name of this story to, comment bellow:)


Becca's P.O.V:


After quickly calling Niall we decided that I could go over to his house to talk. It didn't take me long to make it to Niall's. I only had to walk down a few different streets ad past my house until I made it to his, but once I got there his mum opened the door and said Niall was up in his room.


"Hey." I said as I opened the door to Niall's room.


"Hey." He smiled. "You alright?" He asked.


"No. Not really." 


"Ok so can u tell me what happened?" He asked.



"We'll I don't know but Zayn said that Harry was trying to steal me from Zayn and stuff like that."


"Oh so what's the problem with that?"


"I don't believe a word Zayn said about Harry." I replied.


I knew Harry would never do a thing like that to me. Especially because I was going out with his best friend. I feel like Zayn is only saying this to cover up for what really happened.


"We'll you probably should talk to Harry about this. He might not know what your talking about and this could all be a big lie." 


"Good idea."


After the conversation was over we just sat on his bed watching TV.  Though there was nothing really interesting on we watched it anyway. Then after a while Niall's mum called us down for dinner. Wow we must have been watching TV for a whole.


Dinner with Niall's family was really nice. The food was great and his family is really nice in general.


Once that was over I made my way home seeing as I only lived around the corner from him.


"Hey." Mum said as I closed the front door. She was sitting in the lounge room.


"Hey." I replied.


"Where did you go today? I haven't seen you all day."


"Oh." I didn't realise I had been out most of the day. "First I went to talk to Zayn then after that I went and talked to Niall and his mum let me yay for dinner." I replied.


"Ok, well goodnight." She hugged me.




I walked up to my bedroom and replayed all of today's events in my head. First of all Zayn saying all this stuff about what he thinks Harry is doing, which I don't believe. Even though Harry has been acting weird he would never hurt a friend. Then going to Niall's was great. Talking to him is always a good thing because he knows what to do. And his mum is an amazing cook. Maybe it's because she's Irish. I don't know.

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