The Way I Changed You!

Becca is new to town and is told by her new friends to stay away from the schools bad boy Zayn Malik. But the thing is Zayn doesn't want to stay away from Becca.
Is Zayn always bad, or is it just a cover up? And will be able to find out who the real Zayn is and be able to show other people too?

Find out in 'The Way I Changed You'


27. Realisation

Today I found something out. And this something has hurt my feelings a lot. You wanna know what it is, Becca and Harry are going out together. I mean did she not just break up with me only a week ago. Well this is going great. I hadn't seen her much this week and I was hoping I was going to be able to win her back and I had a plan but now thats all gone to waste. So how I found out…


At first none of my friends were talking to me and I wondered why. Then it came back to me that Becca probably told them what I had done to Becca, which is cheat on her.


I just feel so stupid for what I did. And I really do wish I could just take it back and still be with Becca but that won't be happening any time soon. I know that for sure.


So that brings me to right now. I am having lunch outside and it's a bit cold but I needed to get away from all of my friends if I can even call them that anymore. But whatever I need to get over it. Even of this whole thing is my fault. 


                                                        - - - 


The bell has just rung for the end of the day and I rushed out of the school grounds. I don't want to see anyone. I really just want to go home to and cry. Which probably sounds really weird for someone like me but that's how I feel


When I finally got home I saw my older sister sitting on the couch watching TV. But when she realised it was me who had just gotten in she got up and hugged me. I figured out someone must have told her what happened between Becca, Harry and I. But I feel like I really needed that hug.


"So I heard what happened." Doniya said.


"Yeah. I know I'm an idiot for what I did." I said.


"Also I heard about Becca and Harry, sorry about that." she said giving me a weak smile.


"Thats ok. I sort of need to get over the fact that they're together. But I don't think they'll last long." I said getting up from where I was sitting on the couch and walking upstairs to my room.


What I had told my sister was a bit of a lie. But I don't think she will ever realise I am hurting a lot on the inside.

                                    - - -


I woke up the next morning still in a bad mood. I again would have to face the people at school, which I still wasn't looking forward too. I just need to come up with some sort of plan to get Becca to see what Harry's doing to her.


"Morning mum." I said as I walked into the kitchen to grab a quick bite before I left for school.


"How you doin'? She asked.


"Aright." I sighed. I really can't remember if she knew about the whole Becca and Harry thing but she for sure new that I broke up with her.


                                    - - -


Once I got to school today I had the same thing as yesterday. Not one of my friends talking to me. Getting treated like this was making me feel like a loner. But that was until Niall came up to me at the end of the day.


"Zayn, I have something I need to talk to you about." He said quickly, then taking a breath.


"Yeah, what is it?" I questioned.


"Louis told what happened with Harry and that is just rude. So I just wanted for you to know that I don't hate you so much any more. And neither do any of the other boys. I think they want to tell Becca, but I don't know anything about that yet." He said.


"Well thats great." I said, a smile making it's way onto my face. Maybe things were going to be going my way soon and maybe, just maybe I would be able to get Becca back. Which would make me one of the happiest people in the world.

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