The Way I Changed You!

Becca is new to town and is told by her new friends to stay away from the schools bad boy Zayn Malik. But the thing is Zayn doesn't want to stay away from Becca.
Is Zayn always bad, or is it just a cover up? And will be able to find out who the real Zayn is and be able to show other people too?

Find out in 'The Way I Changed You'


7. Plan/Nando's

Louis P.o.V:


It was sunday morning and Harry and I were coming up with a plan to get Becca to like him. I know it wasn't going to be to hard a job, but i knew it wasn't going to be too easy either. After about half and hour after Harry and I started thinking of ideas we had come up with two main ideas that should work. But we were also getting hungry so I thought why don't we get all of the other together plus Harry and go and get something to eat for lunch like Nando's or something like that. It was a great idea and would work because both Harry and Becca would be in the same room.


First of all I rang Niall and asked if he had any plans for lunch and he said no, so I asked if wanted to come to lunch with me and I was going to see if Liam and Becca wanted to come as well. I then rang Liam and asked if he wanted to come out for lunch with me and the boys plus Becca and he agreed. Then I called Becca.


"Hey." I she said as soon as she had picked up the phone/


"Hi." I replied with.


"So why did you call?" she asked.


"Well I have ask you something…"


"Ok what is it?" She asked. I could tell she really wanted to know. I heard it in the way she spoke.


"Well I was wondering if you wanted to come out for lunch today with me and the guys plus a new friend I made which I know you will like." I said.


"Ok." She said a bit hesitantly. I wonder why. Maybe this isn't a good idea but you know what I don't care. This is going to happen and help with the start of Becca and Harry. See it even sounds nice to me, the way there names sound when said together.


After telling her that we were planning to go to Nando's and telling her the time we were going to meet there I hung up. Harry looked at me happily knowing that we could start the plan because Becca was going to be there.


- - -


Becca's P.o.V:


After the date with Zayn I decided to just go to sleep. But before I could even go to sleep i thought over the whole date. The way Zayn was being nice, much nicer than I thought he was. His smile, his eyes, even his hair which i love. There was so much to love about him, I had no words. Thinking back to the things he had said which made me happy and the look on his face when I said I would be his girlfriend. He had a genuine smile on his face. I just still couldn't believe it, I was so damn happy. So i fell asleep/


The next morning I was brought out of my sleep when my phone started playing my really catchy Adventure Time ringtone. I looked at the caller i.d and saw that it read Louis so I just had to pick up.


"Hey." I said as i positioned the phone in-between my ear and the pillow below it.


"Hi." he replied with.


"So why did you call?" I asked.


"Well I have ask you something…"


"Ok what is it?" I asked a bit to eagerly as I decided it would be better if i sat up a bit better.


"Well I was wondering if you wanted to come out for lunch today with me and the guys plus a new friend I made which I know you will like." He said.


"Ok." i said a little bit hesitantly because I was thinking if it would be alright for me to bring my boyfriend.


We made the plans to go to Nando's for lunch the later today as it was somewhere we knew we would all eat without getting fussy.


- - - 


After the phone call ended I fell back asleep and woke up late so I didn't have too long to get ready. Before I had fallen back to sleep I had texted Zayn and asked him if he wanted to come out for lunch with me and the boys, and he agreed so he said he would pick me up in the way to Niall's favourite restaurant Nando's.


Once he got there I just looked at him. He looked so hot in his normal get up. I was gonna start drooling if i didn't look away. We headed out to his car after I told mu mum a quick goodbye. 


It didn't take long to get to Nando's as I only lived about a 10 minute drive from it. Once we got there the other were already there. I saw Louis sitting next to Harry, and that is when it hit me, Harry was Louis new friend but why? But this made it all easier for me because it meant having Zayn here with me wasn't as bad an idea.


But I could tell by the look on Zayn's face he was a bit shocked to see Harry here too.


- - -


Just as Zayn and I sat at the table all eyes were on us.


"What is he doing here." Liam asked, clearly pissed off. seriously Liam what is wrong with you. I mean you look like you accept Harry why not Zayn, I thought.


"Well you see the thing is we are going out." I replied as nicely as possible to piss Liam off a little more. 


"Ok." He said softly. "I'm sorry for being rude, this is just something I wasn't expecting to happen." He stated.


After all the boys got over the fact that me and Zayn are going out I was Happy. I mean is there ever a time in my life when I am not happy. I don't think so. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, see I am really happy most of the time. Well back to reality.


"Are you ready to go." Zayn asked as we were walking out of Nando's.


"Yeah." I sighed wanting to do nothing more than cuddle with Zayn. I would not have a clue where that thought came from but it is a good one and I hope it happens because my thoughts have gone crazy today.

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